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Bubbles™ (EOL)


This game is End of Life but feel free to read about it here

Life can be beautiful, but don’t we all have these kind of days you just want to crawl into a bubble and let yourself blown away to Neverland, leaving the reality behind. Although this would be more an invention Leonardo Da Vinci could have come up with, NetEnt did try their best to come with a nice alternative called Bubbles™.

The bubbles are a tad small though, so I would not recommend to crawl into one, but I do praise the Bubbles scratch card game itself as there is a chance it takes you far away from reality. How this is possible playing a scratch card?

To be honest, there is no scratching involved. This calm but charismatic game appeals to a wide range of casual game players. Simply because the traditional scratch area now shows eight bubbles.

It’s only you and the bubbles as the only action needed is to burst six of the eight floating bubbles with the help of six pushpins. Nothing more and nothing less and so it’s the easy pace that will definitely take you away from the busy life we are living in.

Bubbles design

I can have an endless talk about how Bubbles™ looks like. But it’s obvious there are eight different coloured bubbles available. These same bubbles float around in a landscape. And if you ask me, the landscape looks the same as that from the Teletubbies. Don’t ask me why, it was just the first thing that popped up in my mind.

As blue skies and green fields are the backdrop to this lottery game, it is offering a calming surrounding to play an easy-paced game and relax. With this game, just as with Marbles and Treasure Hunt™, NetEnt shows again its ability to give a simple scratch card a nice twist to make it more original.

Prick to scratch

To assure an original lottery game, NetEnt got rid of the traditional way of scratching involving the familiar opaque layer hiding a certain number of amounts. The amounts have been replaced by eight different coloured bubbles. They hide either a gold coin or a skull and crossbones, with three coins required in order to scoop the prize amount.

As there is nothing to scratch, the scratch tools don’t exist in Bubbles™ as this game asked for something sharper. This is where different coloured pushpins comes in and those six pins can lead you to the nicest winnings going up to 50.000. The investment requires an amount of only 2.00, available in a multitude of different currencies depending on the NetEnt Casino you choose to play.

How to play Bubbles™

The action starts off simple enough with you buying a scratch card ticket of 2.00. You do have the chance to change the colour of the pushpins, if not you can start the fun and prick yourself a way to some very nice winnings. There are eight bubbles and you have six pushpins, so choose the bubbles wisely. Find the three gold coins within the six attempts to prick a bubble and you win a reward.

I will not pretend that there is any strategy involved as it will be the Random Number Generator that decides when and what prize will be awarded at the end of the game. Get yourself into a bubble at one of the many NetEnt Casinos and get away from bus daily life, even if just for a while.