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The Lost Pyramid™ (EOL)

The Lost Pyramid

This game is End of Life but feel free to read about it here

Some Netent Casinos will call The Lost Pyramid a scratch card, while others label this game as a lottery game. It could be both as the idea of a scratch card can be found in how the game is played, although there’s no scratching involved. I could call it an innovative scratch card, like Treasure Hunt is one and even Marbles and Bubbles. But that’s exactly what makes these Netent games so worth playing as they are different than the traditional scratch cards such as Tribble and Triple Wins.

Enough choice, that’s for sure, but choose for The Lost Pyramid if you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional scratch cards or looking for an Egyptian adventure in the Mayan jungle, the setting for this beautifully crafted game.

Full moon

While torches lighten up the dark, and crickets can be heard in the background, it’s also full moon and everybody knows that everything can happen when the moon is showing itself completely. This could be the case while playing The Lost Pyramid as this mysterious pyramid might provide some surprises. The secrets of this pyramid have remained hidden for a long time and you’ll get the chance to reveal the secrets of The Lost Pyramid. If so, you could end up with prizes up to 100.000.

Hidden Gold

While traditional scratch cards are all about amounts scratched away, The Lost Pyramid is hiding something else. It’s up to you to reveal seven golden stones, that could be anywhere as The Lost Pyramid is divided into 36 stones. When you buy a scratch game for either 1.00 or 2.00, available in a multitude of different currencies depending on where you choose to play, you’ll have absolutely no clue where the golden blocks stones be hidden. That makes The Lost Pyramid a 100% game of chance and actually that’s what makes this game so exciting. In every game it’s up to you to reveal as much golden stones as possible while two golden stones or more will already return your investment.

Every game offers you seven chances to find the seven golden stones while you can enjoy the atmosphere of a warm Arabian night including the torches, a starlit night together with the full moon covering the darkness. The perfect setting for what can be called one of the nicest Netent lottery games.

Win big

Win up to 50.000 when you buy a 1.00 game, but win up to 100.000 when you choose to buy a 2.00 game. The choice is up to you and that is what makes this game highly recommended. A theoretical return to player of 92% could be another reason, just as the originality Netent developed this game with as The Lost Pyramid works exactly the same as a scratch card does. It is just as easy to play, but the game itself looks totally different en very original. Also there is no bonus game as in Treasure Hunt and no Multiplier like the original scratch cards like Tribble and Triple Wins offer you, but if looking for an original scratch card with a chance to win big, The Lost Pyramid is for sure the game you are looking for.