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Marbles™ (EOL)


This game is End of Life but feel free to read about it here

I don’t know about you, but the first thing that comes up in my mind when I think of marbles, is the little glass balls I used to play with during my school breaks.

But there is a chance that this wasn’t a popular activity in your school. Some might never even heard of the game. Pity maybe, although I do remember the disappointment after losing all my marbles, over and over again.

One of the biggest advantages of the Marbles game played in the NetEnt Casinos is that you can’t lose any favourite marbles as it’s the name of one of the many innovative online scratch cards that NetEnt Casinos is famous for.

Playing Marbles

Magic is in the air, at least when you choose to play Marbles at one of the NetEnt Casinos. Magic is not the only element that makes this NetEnt scratch card so special. The theoretic pay-out of 90.3% could do as well, even though it’s rather low for an online casino game.

Another advantage NetEnt’s Marbles offers, is the maximum win of 50.000 with an investment of just 2.00 for scratch card. Not a big sacrifice when it comes to high winnings of this kind.

Scaratch card

If familiar with the nostalgic scratch card games, you’ll for sure like this one as well as its eight grey glass balls this scratch card is all about. Although skills were important while playing the Marbles game in school, in one of NetEnt’s nicest lottery games, it’s the magic that counts.

Make sure you choose the right marbles with either the black, green or red magic wand. With only eight marbles to choose from and six chances, there is a good chance you’ll be able to turn three of the eight marbles into golden ones.

If so, three golden balls will be visible in the left corner of the scratch game and you’re only one click away from finding out what the award will be as one click on the are below will be enough to see the result of this game. Once you’ve found out your winnings you can choose to play another Marbles game.


With a maximum bet of 2.00, available in a multitude of different currencies depending on where you choose to play and only eight marbles to choose from and three golden marbles needed, the chance to win is rather big.

Even though a pay-out of 90.3% isn’t the highest of all online scratch cards, the maximum prize of 50.000 is high compared to other games. But experience tells me this percentage doesn’t say much about your chances to win as these percentages are based on one million scratch cards.

The paytable tells you that one out of a million scratch games will award a player with a prize of 50.000. You can play one Marbles game and be that millionth player with a win of 50.000 as the result.

That’s how scratch cards like this one, Tribble and Treasure Hunt work as the Random Number Generator is responsible for the random winnings. The only way to find out if magic is indeed in the air, is by playing the Marbles game and although skills won’t help with this scratch card, a little luck and some magic could do.