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Shoot 4 Gold™ (EOL)

Shoot 4 Gold

This game is End of Life but feel free to read about it here

Looking for an original scratch card game combined with the fun of a fair, you’ve found it with the Shoot 4 Gold scratch game originally designed by Net Entertainment. While on a fair the only prizes to be won are the plush animals, but Shoot 4 Gold offers you much more than that as the only prizes to be won while shooting the ducks are cash prizes.

This makes Shoot 4 Gold much more interesting than any game on a fair. Ok, you will miss the atmosphere a fair is bringing, but this game is absolutely a perfect alternative if no fair is available or you love to scratch. The sounds of a fair make the idea of being on a fair even more plausible.Though Shoot 4 Gold isn’t a traditional scratch card like Triple Win and Lucky Double are, this game does have a lot in common. It’s definitely a combination between the shooting attraction on a fair and a scratch card. The scratch part can be found in the fact there are eight ducks swimming in the big ocean, ok maybe a mini lake, of which three of them got a star.

If you manage to shoot three of those starry ducks, you’ll be awarded with a nice prize. The same idea of having three of the same amounts when playing a traditional scratch game. No cuddly plush animal to win this time, but a cash prize going up to 50.000, available in a multitude of currencies at the Netent Casinos.

Betting options

Although this lottery game can be played for fun at all Netent Casinos, playing for real money a ticket will cost you 2.00 which is a decent price for a lottery game. Especially when you realise a top prize of 50.000 can be won with just one single ticket if the luck is on your side.

How to play

Shoot 4 Gold is a very simple lottery game without too many rules involved and so you can start playing this Netent game straight away. It’s all about you and shooting ducks, just as the game so popular on fairs. Only this time there’s no real gun involved as you’ll be able to hit the ducks with the help of the gun sight. On the screen you will see eight little rubber ducks bobbing along and it’s up to you to hit six of them. While you hit the rubber duck, two things can happen. Either it turns around and all you will see is a black duck or you might find one of the stars needed to get a prize. Once you manage to shoot six ducks of which three of them show a star when turned around, you’ll get the prize.

What prize you will find out when the potential win is revealed after all six ducks have been shot or before you start shooting the rubber ducks, which is up to you to decide. These prizes start at 2.00 going up to the amazing amount of 50.000 as can be seen in the paytable, based on one million games. If you don’t manage to reveal all three stars you will finish the game without a win, but don’t give up on those ducks and give it another try.