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Tribble™ (EOL)


This game is End of Life but feel free to read about it here

One of the traditional scratch cards designed by NetEnt is Tribble™, an instant win scratch card featuring a Multiplier, while presented in a traditional scratch ticket form just as Triple Win and Lucky Double are traditional designed scratch cards.

Nothing special except for the fact that this card is quite recognisable due to the bright colours. If you would not know better, you would think it’s one of these paper based scratch cards sold at the kiosks.

The looks of Tribble™

This easy to play scratch card shows nine concealed areas in a 3X3 grid format embellished with the NetEnt logo and a tenth area with a Multiplier going up to x10.

No tickets can be bought if there wasn’t a ‘buy ticket’ button. And if you just want to play a demo you click the ‘demo ticket’ button.

Once you have started scratching these two buttons change into a ‘scratch all’ button. Interested in the prizes Tribble™ offers, just click on the ‘paytable’ button. You find it at the top while the bottom shows a ‘scratch tools’ button.

This special feature you won’t find on a paper-based scratch game. In this digital version, you can choose your own scratch tool instead of the bottle cap. A car key and a guitar pick are available as well. It’s up to you which tool you choose to bring you the big bucks.

Betting options

Depending on the currency you play Tribble™ with, a scratch ticket is 2.00 or more. You can buy as many tickets as you want. Scratch tickets at the NetEnt Casinos will never be sold out. And unlike the kiosks, the NetEnt Casinos are always open.

So if you want to buy a traditional scratch ticket, you are more than welcome at any time. For each 2.00 you get one chance to win up to 100.000 while prizes to start at 2.00.

Let the scratching begins

Press the ‘buy ticket’ button to generate a new scratch card, choose your scratch tool or stick to the bottle cap and start scratching. You can either scratch each ticket manually or if you want to speed up the game you hit the ‘scratch all’ button to automatically scratch all ten areas to reveal both, amounts and Multiplier.

Your goal is to match three of the same amounts to win the corresponding prize. The amount won will be added to your balance after it’s multiplied by either x1, x2 or x10 as those are the three Multipliers available.

Tribble™ paytable

While prizes start at 2.00, a maximum prize of 100.000 is available as the top prize. There are still 16 prizes left in the middle. All these prizes can be found on the paytable. These are based on a theoretical return to the player of 87.5%.

But you can stare at this paytable for ages, the only reason to win one of these prizes is to play this Tribble™ scratch card for real money and you can either be lucky with just one ticket or you have to be patient and wait for that one ticket that will reward you one of the top prizes.

Big wins

Tribble™ isn’t the cheapest scratch card around, since that honour goes to Triple Wins, but the price is very reasonable as bigger prizes can be won. Also Tribble offers players a simple and a potentially rewarding scratch experience available at most of the NetEnt Casinos accompanied by other traditional scratch games like Lucky Double and Triple Wins Jackpot.