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Triple Wins High Limit™ (EOL)

Triple Wins High Limit

This game is End of Life but feel free to read about it here

When it’s raining cats and dogs or snowing like a banshee, going out of the house to buy a scratch card isn’t really an option. We have a perfect alternative for you as most NetEnt Casinos offer you a wide range of scratch cards.

From original scratch games like Marbles™ and Shoot4Gold™, to classic scratch cards like Triple Wins Jackpot™. A big advantage buying your scratch cards online will be the absence of the silver residue that’s often all over the place after scratching.

Traditional design

Designing a brand-new game must be so much easier than when you have to design an online version. This is the case with most casino games and for that, I do respect NetEnt as they always manage to go original without losing the basics of a game. This also goes for Triple Wins Jackpot™ as the designers managed to stick to the classic game, but still managed to create an original game or do I have to say luxurious game.

It’s obvious the 3X3 grid of panels belong to the classic scratch game, as well as the Multiplier at the bottom, but a progressive jackpot is rather original for a scratch card. The biggest advantage NetEnt when it comes to the creation of virtual scratch cards, is the possibility to add a jackpot or different scratch tools.

You can use four different items (such as a penny or a ring) to scratch your ticket, which is a nice touch. While you scratch off each of the panels on the scratch card, virtual shavings will come off accompanied by some nice sound effects, adding to the realism of the scratch game.

Triple Wins High Limit™ betting options

For only 2.00, depending on the currency you’ll play with, you don’t only have a chance to win up to 30.000 accompanied with a Multiplier of x1,x2 or x10, but also to win the progressive jackpot added to this scratch game.

How to scratch

Just as all scratch cards, Triple Wins High Limit™ is a very easy game to play. The games starts with choosing one of the scratch tools by clicking ‘scratch tools’. Select your lucky scratch tool, like for example a ring, coin or keychain.

No scratching without a scratch card. So make a choice out of the ten scratch cards shown and click on ‘buy ticket’. You’ll then scratch off the nine panels, embellished with a nice logo, by dragging your scratch tool across each panel.

Finish up the Triple Wins High Limit game by scratching the tenth panel to reveal the Multiplier. This will be the multiplier to multiply your wins with. Alternatively, there is the ‘scratch all’ button. This you can use to reveal all ten panels at once.

If the ticket reveals three of the same amounts anywhere on the ticket, the amount circled orange will be yours, multiplied by either x1, x2 or x10. If the jackpot symbol appears three times, you are the grand winner of the progressive jackpot. The amount involved in the Triple Wins Jackpot will differ at all Netent Casinos since it’s a local jackpot.

Though a local jackpot, it can climb up rather fast as a small amount of every 2.00 ticket goes to this jackpot and the more popular this scratch game is at the Netent Casino you play, the higher the Triple Wins Jackpot will be.