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Triple Wins™ (EOL)

Triple Wins™
Triple Wins

This game is End of Life but feel free to read about it here

Although many NetEnt Casinos offer you a wide range of online scratch cards, including original scratch games such as Marbles™ and Treasure Hunt™, the classic versions are still very popular. Who doesn’t know the paper-based cards? Those that consist of a certain number of amounts, finished with an opaque silver layer you need to scratch off.

If three of the same amounts show after you scratched off the opaque substance, the amount is yours. Sometimes even multiplied by an x factor. Many prefer this classic way of scratching and for those NetEnt designed several traditional scratch cards of which Triple Wins™ is one. This classic scratch game is available in two versions, Triple Wins™ and Triple Wins™ Jackpot.

Classic scratch card

When you choose to play Triple Wins™ you choose your own ticket as ten different of them will be visible at the right side of the game. You can either pick one from the ten tickets showed or you can choose to replace them with ten new tickets.

Once you’ve made your choice, you buy the ticket and start scratching. At the top of this game, just next to the scratch ticket you’ll find four different scratch tools to choose from.

The Triple Wins™ scratch cards consist of a 3X3 grid of panels to scratch with one more panel at the bottom of the game that will reveal a Multiplier.

Once you finished scratching a panel, the border around the panel will turn green, indicating a sufficiently scratched panel. You have a winning ticket if your ticket has any number that appears three times and is highlighted.

You win an amount equal to this number times the multiplier. This can multiply your winnings by up to 1, 2, or 10 times. At the left bottom, you’ll find the paytable based on one million sold tickets.

Betting options Triple Wins

Triple Wins™ is a pretty popular NetEnt game with one ticket for only 0.50. Meanwhile, a top prize of 10.000 is available with just one ticket. This means you only need a small investment to win up to 100.000 as the top prize consists of 10.000 and the maximum Multiplier goes up to 10.

How to play Triple Wins

I don’t have any doubts scratch cards are quite popular due to the easiness of the game. There are no difficult game rules and so it’s just you, the scratch ticket, and your scratch tool. Nothing complicated about that as anybody knows how to scratch off the silver layer to show the nine panels Triple Wins exist of.

Once you’ve decided what ticket you want to buy, you’ll click ‘buy ticket’ and your ticket will be generated. You can either choose to scratch all ten panels yourself, the traditional way, or you can also click ‘scratch all’ to reveal all amounts and the Multiplier directly without scratching yourself. Both ways will be accompanied by the classic scratch sound so familiar for many. Once all amounts are visible, any wins will be circled.

Triple Wins Jackpot

You can also choose to play Triple Wins Jackpot if interested in higher winnings as this version offers a progressive jackpot. Since I’m talking about a local jackpot, the amount involved will differ at all NetEnt Casinos. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to win extra high amounts. However, both versions offer you a traditional way of scratching while enjoying a simple casino game without any complicated rules involved.