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Zodiac™ (EOL)


This game is End of Life but feel free to read about it here

Players who enjoy astrology and playing scratch cards are at the right address with Zodiac™, one of NetEnt’s most original scratch cards. Zodiac™ might not be a scratch card. There’s no scratching, so. However, Zodiac™ and traditional scratch cards, like Lucky Double™ and Tribble™, have a lot in common. First, you need three of the same amounts to win a prize playing a traditional scratch card.

These amounts have been replaced by symbols as Zodiac™ is all about the star signs. Aquarius, Aries and Gemini are just a few of the signs you can choose from as it’s up to you to decide whether you need three Aquarius signs or three Capricorns. This is what makes Zodiac™ even more personal than other lottery games offered by the NetEnt Casinos.

Astrology themed scratch card

NetEnt knows how to surprise as it’s not easy to give a simple scratch game a special twist. But NetEnt is a pioneer in the online casino industry. They know how to design original games like Zodiac™ is one.

And although no traditional scratching, those who usually play traditional scratch cards will probably like Zodiac™ too as the idea is the same.

The theme of Zodiac involves the 12 astrological signs that you see on both sides of the scratch card. The various signs included are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces, so whatever your sign is, choose it and who knows it’ll be your lucky sign.

Betting options

One Zodiac™ instant scratch ticket will cost you 1.50, an average prize as for example a Triple Wins ticket cost 0.50 and a Lucky Double ticket 2.00. The prize is very reasonable as for this money you get a chance to win big in return. Of all Zodiac tickets available, there will be two tickets with a prize of 10.000 and two tickets offering a top prize of 25.000. In that case an investment of 1.50 isn’t much at all.

Play Zodiac

To start the game you simply click ‘demo’ if you choose to play for free or ‘buy ticket’ if you are playing in the real money mode. When you bought a Zodiac scratch card, you choose your favourite zodiac sign.

To win a prize, you only need two matched symbols. This makes a total of three including your chosen zodiac sign. Additional matches can multiply your winnings by x2, x4 or x10. This extra feature will give this game an extra dimension, just as the idea you can play with your personal zodiac sign.

Once all symbols have been revealed manually by yourself or after you’ve clicked the button ‘reveal all’, you will know instantly if you have two or more matched symbols. If so, the bigger symbols in the middle of the game will reveal the amount you have won.

The game’s graphics, designs, and background do fit the theme perfectly just as the sound when symbols are being revealed though the sound can be muted. Zodiac definitely promises a nice easy paced lottery game offering great fun and, if the stars are on your side, exciting prizes.