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Baccarat Pro High Limit

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One of the oldest card games offered by the many Netent Casinos is Baccarat. Over 500 years old, this game can’t be ignored by casinos, online casinos and live casinos. Although not all live casinos offer Baccarat yet, no online casino can be taken serious without this card game in its assortment.

Besides the oldest, Baccarat is also one of the easiest card game that can be found in casinos. Probably the reason why this game is getting more and more popular. Though James Bond’s favourite game is overshadowed by Blackjack and poker in Las Vegas, in world’s biggest casino city Macau, Blackjack was beaten by this simple card game. Asian players there go crazy playing Baccarat, while these same players are also known for their superstitiousness, reflected in the way they tend to play Baccarat, as they crease the corners of their cards, just to see what numbers they were dealt. They also blow on the cards to “blow away” all bad luck.

Beginners luck

As you don’t get the chance to blow away unlucky numbers while playing Baccarat online, maybe beginners luck will do while playing Baccarat Pro Low Limit. If you’re not a beginner anymore, and you are already familiar with the Baccarat game rules, although that shouldn’t be too hard, you’re at the right place with Baccarat Pro High Limit if you prefer to play with higher bets starting from 10.00 up to 1.000, available in many different currencies, depending on the Netent Casino you decide to play.

Baccarat basic rules

This Baccarat Pro High Limit version of the classic Baccarat casino game from Net Entertainment follows standard Baccarat rules with a 9 for 1 payout for a tie. Baccarat Pro High Limit is a traditional mini baccarat game played between the player and the casino. The aim of the Baccarat game is to predict which hand is going to be the highest, the Banker’s or the Player’s, with Tie as a third option. In response to your prediction, you place your bet(s) in one of the three fields, so the game can start. After the Player and the Banker are dealt two cards, which can be three depending on the third card rules, of which the extended game rules can be found under the question mark at the left bottom of this Netent game. After all cards have been dealt, the outcome of the game depends on the total points of both Player and Banker. The game compares the hand values of both and the hand with a value closest to 9 wins, however hands of equal value are a tie.

Advanced Baccarat

I have to admit I don’t really feel comfortable with the word advanced when talking about Baccarat. And perhaps you don’t agree with me, but I believe there aren’t really levels when it comes to Baccarat. Why? Well the game is so easy to play with just three options to choose from and no skill factor in it or whatsoever. It’s up to you to make a choice between Banker, Player or Tie, or either a combination, but nothing more and nothing less. After you’ve made your choice, the game is out of your hands and no choices have to be made, as for example is the case with Blackjack. You win, you lose or the game ends up in a Tie which can still be a win for you.

Free Netent games

The majority of the Netent Casinos allow you to play the Netent games for free which means you get the chance to play Baccarat pro High Limit either for free or with real money.
I do recommend players new to this game, to start with the free versions. Not that Baccarat is so difficult to play, but it’s always best to become familiar with a game first, before you start to play with real money. If you insist on playing with real money, I recommend to take a step back playing Baccarat Pro Low Limit or Baccarat Pro.

Live Baccarat

And if you prefer to play live casino games, you can always check the Netent Casino for a live version. For now the Netent Powered Live Casinos don’t offer Live Baccarat yet, but I’m sure they will introduce this popular card game in very near future and if so, I’m the first to tell you all about it.