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Baccarat Pro Low Limit

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Once upon a time, there was a casino card game called Blackjack. This casino card game was extremely popular and successful and it seemed nothing was standing in his way, until one day, the day Baccarat came along, with only one goal, to take over the casino world by getting into the spotlights again. Blackjack was beaten, just like that, and there was nothing he could do about that while Baccarat lived happily ever after. And if you don’t believe in fairy tales, the prove can be found in casino cities like Macau and Las Vegas. Also numbers don’t lie as two-thirds of Macau’s casino revenue comes from VIP Baccarat as the card game is extremely popular with Asian players. No wonder more and more players find their way to the Baccarat game in the online casino’s too, while I recommend Baccarat Pro Low Limit to those not familiar with the game yet.

Introduction Baccarat

It is over 500 years ago Baccarat was first introduced in Europe, and ever since then, its popularity has spread around the world. Nowadays people from all over the world flock to casinos to play Baccarat, especially known as a VIP card game, very popular with high rollers. But why is Baccarat in particular so popular? Besides the fact they might admire James Bond. After all he is found playing the game in numerous novels and in the movies, especially in Casino Royale, usually with a beautiful lady on his side. Perhaps Baccarat players think the lady comes with the game. Well ok, probably not, but what is this card game all about? Why is Baccarat the overwhelming choice for Chinese gamers? The easiest answer would be Baccarat is offering the lowest house edges of any of the table games, but that’s actually not true as Blackjack is known for its extremely high payouts, higher than those of Baccarat. So for now I assume it’s the easiness of the game that attracts so many, mostly Asian, players to the Baccarat table as this card game is a typical game of luck, other than Blackjack, where some skills can actually be responsible for a higher payout.

Super superstitious

It has absolutely nothing to do with online Baccarat, but it’s too funny not to mention, the super superstitiousness of the Asian players often seen at the Baccarat tables in brick-and-mortar casinos. This superstitiousness is reflected in the way Asian people play Baccarat as they tend to crease the corners of their cards to see what numbers they were dealt. They might also blow on the cards to “blow away” all bad luck.

Baccarat for beginners

As I said before, Baccarat is an easy game to learn as no complicated game rules are involved. Easy to learn, though still fascinating. This Professional Series Low Limit version of the classic Baccarat casino game from Net Entertainment follows standard Baccarat rules with a 9 for 1 payout for a tie. The traditional mini Baccarat game is played between the player and the casino, in which you can place a single bet or a combination of bets. The theoretical return to player for this game is 98.96%, no matter if you choose to play this Low Limit version, Baccarat Pro or Baccarat Pro High Limit. And although not the highest payout, it’s sure good enough for a 100% game of luck like Baccarat.

Baccarat game rules basics

The aim of the game is to predict which hand will be the highest, the Banker’s or the Player’s, while you can also predict a tie. After you’ve placed your bet in response to your prediction, the game can start. The Player and the Banker are dealt either two or three cards. Third cards are dealt based on the third card rules, of which an extended description can be found in the Baccarat game rules, hidden under the question mark at the left bottom of this Netent table game.

The game compares the hand values of the Player and Banker, and the hand with a value closest to 9 wins, however hands of equal value are a tie:
-If the Player or the Banker has 8 or 9, it is known as “natural”, and this rule overrides all other rules, both hands stand. If neither the Player, nor the Banker has 8 or 9 the game goes on.
-If the Player has 0-5, a third card is dealt, but if the player has 6 or 7 the hand stands.
-If the Player stands, the Banker draws a third card having 0-5 in hand.
-If the Player draws a third card, the value of this card drawn by the Player and the value of the Banker’s hand determines if the Banker gets a third card.

Free Baccarat

As said before, Baccarat is quite easy to learn, although the game rules can be discouraging when reading them. So please ignore the game rules if this is the case, as the best way to learn Baccarat, is by playing the card game. The Baccarat card game is actually nothing more than making a choice between Player, Banker or Tie. And if you’re not familiar with the Baccarat game yet, I can recommend Baccarat Pro Low Limit, which can be played for free at the majority of the Netent Casinos with bets between 0.10 and 10.00. Allow me to point out most Netent Casino offer Live Baccarat as well, which can be a nice step up after you’ve become familiar with the online version.