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Blackjack Double Exposure High Limit

Play Blackjack Double Exposure for real!

Blackjack is the table game with the most variants, although I think it will be a neck to neck race with roulette. However, both games are fun, just as their variants. Besides the traditional blackjack game, you can also choose to plat Blackjack Single Deck, Live Blackjack or Double Exposure. This last one isn’t the most advantageous version, but it’s definitely a version that suits all type of Blackjack players, no matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, advanced or expert, you’ll definitely like Double Exposure Blackjack as a game. The fact you chose Double Exposure Blackjack High Limit, means you’re looking for a high roller blackjack game, and in that case I would like to send you a small warning regarding the blackjack version you are going to play. Like I said, it’s a small warning as it’s up to you to decide whether you go for a nice blackjack version or the winnings. But I wouldn’t be a very good adviser if I would not mention the fact the pay-out of Double Exposure Blackjack is lower than the one of Blackjack High Limit. The gap between the pay-outs isn’t that impressive, but can make a big difference.

Difference Double Exposure and Classic Blackjack

I can imagine you became quite curious about the differences between Blackjack as a traditional game and Double Exposure, one of the Blackjack versions which can be played at the many Netent Casinos. To be honest, there aren’t that many difference between the two as they are quite similar to each other, but the small chances that have been made can make a big difference.

First of all there’s a slight difference between the pay-outs. Blackjack Classic is offering better pay-outs with 99.75% compared to the 99.33% Double Exposure Blackjack offers you. You see, this will not show when playing a few games, but in the long term it does.

Second, there’s a different pay-out linked to the Blackjack. Your blackjack is going to be paid off 1:1 instead of 3:2, and just as with the overall pay-out, the same goes for the odds as it doesn’t look like a huge disadvantage, but eventually it will show on your balance.

Third, there’s the fact, although not only in this Blackjack game though, all ties are in favour of the dealer. This means you will lose your total bet each time the game ends in a “tie” or “push”. There’s one advantage compared to other blackjack variants offered by the Netent Casinos, there is an exception on the Blackjack tie as this one will be paid out in your favour.

All the above can work against you, unless you manage to use the Double Exposure, the two faced up cards of the dealer, in a certain way the pay-out percentages don’t matter that much anymore. The only way you can turn this game into your hands, is by developing your Blackjack Double Exposure skills.

Betting options

On this page you get the chance to try Double Exposure High Limit, which means you can play with a minimum bet of 25.00 and 500.00. Though it isn’t highly recommended to play Blackjack Double Exposure with the maximum bet, at least not until you made this game your own, meaning you became an advanced Double Exposure player. If you’re not sure about that yet, but you prefer to keep on playing Double Exposure Blackjack, I recommend you to choose either the standard version or even Double Exposure Low Limit.

Why Double Exposure?

Although the game rules are less favourable than those of the Blackjack High Limit, Blackjack Single Deck High Limit and Blackjack Pro High Limit, I can still highly recommend Double Exposure Blackjack High Limit. Not because of the pay-outs, but because of the game itself. The fact both cards of the dealer are showed before you can even come into action, can be a huge advantage after all. Though this all depends on your skill level, even though Double Exposure can be perfect for beginners too. Not the High Limit version of course, but the Low Limit or the standard version as they can all be found at the many Netent Casinos.