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Blackjack Double Exposure Low Limit

Play Blackjack Double Exposure for real!

Almost all table games designed by Net Entertainment are available in three different versions, Standard, High Limit and Low Limit. This last version is specifically designed for the low risk players, those who are playing for fun and don’t think about winning the big bucks. Double Exposure Blackjack Low Limit is one of these versions and also very suitable for new blackjack players, or players who have never played Double Exposure Blackjack before. Actually, I can advise to play Double Exposure Blackjack Low Limit when a beginner. The reason why, is because both cards of the dealer will be visible for you, which will make it much easier for you to estimate the outcome of the game. This simply means you do not necessarily need any experience in playing Blackjack before you give Double Exposure Blackjack Low Limit a try. Some basic knowledge will do though, but I don’t see any reason why you should not get this experience playing Double Exposure Blackjack Low Limit.

Double Exposure Blackjack

Although most Netent Casinos offer you several Blackjack games, you’ve chosen Double Exposure Blackjack Low Limit, a low limit blackjack game very similar to traditional blackjack, but with some slight differences. The game got its name from the fact that both of the dealer’s cards are visible to all of the players at the table, creating an advantage for you. In return the casino enforces other rules in Double Exposure. The game itself is hard to find in online and brick-and-mortar casinos, but thanks to Net Entertainment you’ve found yourself this recommended variation of classic blackjack.

Betting options

You can be a beginner or a skilled blackjack player, the moment you don’t want to spend more than 5.00 per game, you are at the right place with Double Exposure Blackjack Low Limit. All available in a multitude of currencies depending on the Netent casino you decide to play, bets will start from 0.10 going up to 5.00, highly recommended for beginners and low risk players. Those who prefer to play with higher stakes I can recommend either Double Exposure Blackjack or Double Exposure Blackjack High Limit

Basic rules

Double Exposure Blackjack is played with six regular decks, shuffled before each game round. Just as with traditional blackjack, your hand wins if its value is closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand, and your hand loses when 22 or higher (busted) regardless of the dealer’s hand. A disadvantage is dealer wins on all ties except for tied Blackjack, but that’s quite common with card games.

Just as with traditional blackjack, you will be trying to reach a total of 21 without going over. In order to collect your winning, you must beat the total of the dealer representing the house.

Although both cards of the dealer will be visible for you, cards are dealt as usual. Once you and the dealer received cards, the game will start while you are the first who comes into action having several options:

-You may stand on any total of 21 or less
-You may hit any total of less than 21
-You can double down if your initial cards total a hard 9, 10, or 11 (a hard hand is a hand without an ace, or a hand with an ace that can only have a value of 1)
-you may split your pair once

You are not given the option to buy an insurance, simply because both of the dealer’s cards are already revealed also surrender is not offered while playing Double Exposure blackjack.

Once your turn is over and you manage to come as close to 21 without being busted, it’s up to the dealer to beat you. Just as in standard Blackjack, the dealer must hit any total of 16 or less and stand on any total of 17 or higher, and draw cards to 16. If the dealer exceeds the total amount of 21, you win. If no one gets busted, the total amount of the cards will show the winner as the one closest to 21 will win the game. The dealer wins on all ties except for tied Blackjack.

Why Double Exposure Blackjack Low Limit?

If you decide to play Double Exposure Blackjack, the fact both dealer’s cards are faced up are going to give you a huge advantage, but as said before, you’ll have to give something in return. Therefore I take a good look at the other differences, and there are some significant changes you should be aware of. First, your blackjack is paid off at 1:1 instead of the 3:2 in traditional blackjack. This might not seem like a very big deal, but eventually it reduces your chances to end up with profits. So is the fact all ties in Double Exposure Blackjack go to the dealer, meaning you will lose your wager each time the game ends in a “tie” or “push”, except for Blackjack, as they will be in your favour. These two differences can also be seen in the pay-outs as Double Exposure Blackjack Low Limit offer a theoretical return to player of 99.33%, while this same percentage is 99.75% while playing Blackjack Low Limit. Overall I still think Double Exposure can help you to get the blackjack game faster than the standard blackjack variant itself.