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Blackjack High Limit

Play Blackjack for real!

Unlike some table games such as Red Dog and Casino Hold’em, Blackjack is often offered in several different versions and variants. Talking about Blackjack most Netent Casinos will offer you the classic version as I’m describing on this page, but also Blackjack Double Exposure and Blackjack Single deck are often found in a Netent Casino. This kind of variety in Blackjack games is quite interesting for those who love to play online Blackjack, no matter if you’re a low risk player or you love to make bigger bets. All Blackjack versions designed by Net Entertainment have been designed in three different variants too. Choose the Standard Blackjack if you’re an intermediate player as this variant offers you average bets in between 1.00 and 40.00, but go for the Low Limit variant when you’re just a beginner or if you prefer to play with low bets not higher than 5.00 per game. When you’re advanced or even an expert Blackjack player, you probably won’t be impressed by these two variants and for those Netent designed a High Limit variant with bets going up to 500.00.

High rollers

Even though many think high rollers are careless with their cash, assuming that these kind of players can’t be bothered about winning or losing or even worse, are addicted. This idea about high rollers is entirely inaccurate and overlooks some of the key skills and knowledge this type of players are often having. Those who have never played Blackjack before or never even heard about the game often rely on what they are reading in papers and magazine, with the result they are blind copying knowledge based on untrue facts. Those who have been playing Blackjack more intense, and not just only on that one night you’ve seen a land based casino from the inside, know that just as with poker, your personal skill level is very important while playing Blackjack. The more you play Blackjack, the better you will be in this card game and skills will be developed.

Skills level Blackjack

There’s not really a way to measure your skills level, the moment your balance is going into the plus more and more often, you know you’re on the right track. From that moment you can start to increase your bets, but until it’s time for that recommend you to stay with either Blackjack Low Limit or Blackjack.

Advanced Blackjack players

If you are one of these players able to assess your winning chances by the hand of your two initial cards and the dealer’s card, you can definitely call yourself advanced. You know when to Hit, Stand or Double and when is the best moment to buy an Insurance or to Split your cards. You have the knowledge necessary to become a good Blackjack players all these features can be incredibly important for a positive balance. Yes Blackjack is a casino game and with that officially a game of chance, but those who invest time in this card game, will develop skills and the more Blackjack skills you own, the better you will be in the game. And once your skills are developed and good enough to ensure a positive balance most of the time, you can say you’re an advanced player. As an advanced player you can choose to play Blackjack High Limit, the classic variant of the card game with all the standard features as described above.

Blackjack rules

Assuming you are an advanced player or even an Blackjack expert, I don’t have to tell you anything about the Blackjack rules. Nothing special can be found in the Blackjack rules attached to Blackjack High Limit as all features are standard. After your cards are dealt, you can choose Hit, Stand, Double and Split or you can buy an Insurance when the dealer’s card involves an Ace. Nothing special about, just as there’s nothing special to be found in the payouts. Blackjack pays 3:2, Dealer must stand on 17 and must draw to 16. If you’ve bought an Insurance and it seems you made the right decision, it will payout two times the Insurance bet and with that 2:1. If you’re not an advanced player and you do want to know more about the Blackjack game rules, you’ll find them hidden under the question mark in the left bottom of the Netent Blackjack game.

Live Blackjack

While Blackjack High Limit can be seen as the typical classic Blackjack game, I can also recommend other versions of this very popular card game such as Blackjack Single Deck and Blackjack Pro. Try them all out for free as well as all Netent Game can be played for fun too.
If online Blackjack isn’t really for you, Netent has another option for you which can be found in one of the many Netent Live Casino known as Live Blackjack. If looking for a live Blackjack experience without leaving the house, Live Blackjack offers you the perfect Blackjack experience live from the Netent Live Casino including live dealers, opponents and a great atmosphere.