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Blackjack Low Limit

Play Blackjack for real!

All popular table games designed by Net Entertainment such as Baccarat, Roulette, and Caribbean Stud offer you a Standard, High Limit, and a Low Limit version. Your skill level will determine which of the games is appropriate for you. Blackjack Low Limit for example is perfect for beginners and players who are playing Blackjack for fun and therefore with low limits. Bets, all available in a multitude of currencies depending on the Netent casino you decide to play, will start from 0.10 going up to 5.00, absolutely useless for high rollers, but highly recommended for beginners.

Blackjack for beginners

Most Netent Casinos offer you a wide range of Blackjack games including Blackjack Low Limit, a five hand Blackjack based on classic game rules. This means a Blackjack pays 3:2, dealer must stand on 17, and must draw to 16 while Insurance pays 2:1. Other than a standard classic Blackjack game, Blackjack Low Limit offers you a maximum of five hands to play with. Nevertheless I do recommend beginners to start with one hand and a Low Limit depending on your budget. If it was me playing as a beginner and with real money, I would start with the lowest bet of 0.10. I advise you to do the same and the moment you get familiar with the game rules, you can steadily increase your bet until the maximum bet has been reached. When the moment is there, you can either choose to keep on playing with this bet or you can move on to the standard Blackjack version offering limits up to 40.00.

Blackjack rules

Even though Blackjack can be played without even reading the rules, I do recommend to read them anyway. At least the basics so you know what to do and to make it easier in the beginning you can choose to avoid extra play options Split, Double and Insurance.

Now it’s up to you to decide what bet you’ll be playing with depending on your skill level. If a beginner, I advise to start with a low stake not higher than 0.50, perfect to start with. One of the biggest advantages of online blackjack is that a table is never full and within this game there are always five free spots, all reserved for you. These places are shown as five circles and once you’ve decided which bet you’ll be playing with, you place your bet on one or more circles. It’s time to click Deal as two initial cards will be dealt to each hand you are playing. The first of the dealer’s cards is placed face down while the second is placed face up, showing its value. If the visible card is an ace, you have the option of taking an Insurance. Your initial cards will both be visible for you and the dealer and two of the same cards having an identical value will give you the option to Split. If your two initial hand shows a total of 21, you have a Blackjack. If the dealer is not showing a Blackjack, you win the game. If the dealer does show a Blackjack the game will end in a Push. If none of these situations occur, you can either Hit, asking another card, or Stand, to remain at your current total. Ask for even more cards when you’re still far from the 21 points, but make sure you will not exceed this number. If not exceeded the 21 points and choose to Stand, the dealer will then turn over his invisible card. The dealer can now draw another card though depending on the total of his hand. If fewer than 17 dealer must draw another card while 17 or over forces him to Stand also applying if the dealer has a soft 17, a combination involving an ace card. If the dealer exceeds the total amount of 21, you win. If no one gets busted, the total amount of the cards will show the winner as the one closest to 21 will win the game.

Blackjack options

Just as any other Blackjack game also Blackjack Low Limit offers you extra options such as Insurance, Split and Double as already shortly described before. A detailed description of these extra options can be found in the game rule, hidden under the question mark at the left bottom of the game.

Blackjack games

While Blackjack Low Limit can be seen as the typical classic Blackjack game, I can also recommend Blackjack Single Deck for those players trying to become familiar with the Blackjack game rules. I also would like to mention the possibility that all Blackjack games offered by the many Netent Casinos can also be played as free casino games, also very convenient for players to become familiar with the Blackjack game and if looking for a live Blackjack experience, the popular card game is also offered as a live casino game available at the Netent Live Casinos.