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Blackjack Pro Low Limit

Play Blackjack for real!

New to the Blackjack game I highly recommend you to start with Blackjack Pro Low Limit, offering you way lower betting options than Blackjack Pro. While Blackjack pro can’t be played with bets lower than 1.00, Blackjack Pro Low Limit is offering you bets between 0.10 and 5.00, available in a multitude of currencies of course depending on the Netent Casino you decide to play. These low limits are perfect if you’ve never played blackjack before, want to get to know the game while playing with real money or just because you want to play blackjack for fun, yet with real money. The moment your winnings start to flow in, you can always choose to switch to Blackjack Pro. Playing with limits higher than 25.00 isn’t for everyone, but if you consider yourself an advanced Blackjack player, Blackjack Pro High Limit could be the game for you.

Blackjack Professional Series

Most Net Entertainment Casinos offer you over 150 casino games, including several Roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack versions. You can stick to the traditional blackjack game offered as Blackjack Low Limit, a Blackjack Single Deck version and Blackjack Double Exposure, but you can also choose for a traditional blackjack game enriched with an exciting side bet known as the Double Jack™ side bet.

The Blackjack Professional Series is highly recommended for those out there looking for an extra exciting blackjack game to play. Not only is there the Double Jack™ side bet responsible for a lot extra fun and winnings, this online blackjack version also features a 3D look and state of the art card animations. Also you can choose to play one to three hands against the dealer, with or without the Double Jack™ side bet.

Traditional blackjack game

Later on I’ll explain the extra Double Jack™ side bet Blackjack pro Low Limit is all about, but first I’ll tell you all about the basics of the blackjack game as I assume you’re either a fun player or a beginner. For this last group of players I’ll give a short but sweet description of this ever popular card game, daily played by millions of casino players worldwide.

In Blackjack Pro Low Limit or any other traditional blackjack version, you will trying your best to achieve a hand whose points total nearer to 21 than the banker’s hand, but without exceeding 21, the reason why some know the game as 21 rather than Blackjack. When your initial cards consist of an ace and another card valuing 10, totalling 21, you win automatically from the dealer as this combination is known as the Blackjack. If no Blackjack is involved, and you’re far from the 21 points your aiming for, you can choose the Hit option to receive an additional card while repeating this step when you’re still not satisfied. Be careful though, because once your total hand value exceeds the total points of 21, you will be busted and the dealer will automatically win. The same happens when the dealer exceeds the 21 and you will be the winner of this game. If none of you gets busted, the total points of your hand will be compared to those of the dealer. The hand closest to 21 wins.

Double Jack™ side bet

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, you can always choose to play with the additional Double Jack™ side bet. No extra skills are necessary when placing the Double Jack™ side bet. The Double Jack™ side bet, is played on your first two cards, offering a maximum win of 100 times the bet. You win either when the first card of your initial hand is a jack or you get a pair of jacks dealt. Spades are dominant in Blackjack Pro Low Limit, as the maximum side bet payout is reserved for two (Double) jacks of spades. This simply means a Double Jack™ bet is lost if the first card in the regular blackjack hand is not a jack. To wager a side bet, look for the jack symbol to the left of the blackjack betting square and drop your coins as usual. While some Netent Casinos choose to operate the Blackjack Pro Series without additional side bets, although I don’t see a reason why they would skip an exciting addition like the Double Jack™ side bet, most of the Netent Casinos do offer the extra excitement caused by the bonus bet. Besides the blackjack game itself has been enriched with a perfectly designed 3D look and state of the art card animations, responsible for a high quality casino experience the Netent games are so famous for.