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Blackjack Pro

Play Blackjack for real!

You are into the Blackjack game and without too much thinking you know when to Hit, Stand, Double and Split as well as you know when to buy an Insurance or not. Your experience gave you a clear understanding about the blackjack game. If this sounds like you, there is a chance that you have the blackjack skills you need to play a more advanced blackjack game like Blackjack Pro is one. Not only are you ready to play the Blackjack Professional Series, you can also skip Blackjack Pro Low Limit, unless you prefer to play with lower bets of course.

Blackjack Professional Series

While you can enjoy high quality video slots designed by Net Entertainment, presented as the Platinum slots, an equal series is available in the category table games known as Professional Series. The differences between Blackjack and Blackjack Pro? Not many to be honest, although Blackjack Pro can be played with three hands, instead of five, but the biggest difference lies in the additional feature called Double Jack™ side bet, although some Netent Casinos operate Blackjack Professional Series without the Double Jack™ side bet. But if you’re looking for the ultimate online Blackjack experience, I can highly recommend Blackjack Pro with the Double Jack™ side bet included as this bonus bet does give an exciting touch to the traditional blackjack game.

Blackjack Pro betting options

New to the Blackjack game I highly recommend you to start with Blackjack Pro Low Limit, offering you way lower betting options than Blackjack Pro is. While Blackjack pro can’t be played with bets lower than 1.00, Blackjack Pro Low Limit is offering you bets between 0.10 and 5.00, perfect if you’ve never played blackjack before, want to get into the game or when you’re playing blackjack just for fun. The moment your winnings start to flow in, you can choose to play Blackjack Pro with bets between 1.00 and 40.00 available. Playing with limits higher than 25.00 isn’t for everyone, but if you consider yourself an advanced Blackjack player, Blackjack Pro High Limit could be the game for you.

Blackjack skills

I think there’s a misconception about Blackjack in general as it is often claimed Blackjack is about luck only. I totally agree a part of it is true, but it’s quite unjustified Blackjack is seen as a 100% game of chance. In the beginning it certainly is, but the moment you become familiar with the game and acts like Hit, Stand, Double, Insurance and Split actually make sense, you are one of those players getting more control on the outcome of the game. This will definitely show in the payouts as they will increase. This shouldn’t be too hard anyway as the theoretical return to player for this blackjack game is 99.53%.

Basic Blackjack rules

I can have a long chit chat about the basic rules, but they can easily be found within the free blackjack game above by clicking the question mark in the left bottom of the game. But I think you would be more interested in the extra feature this game is all about, even though not all Netent Casinos operate Blackjack Pro with the Double Jack™ side bet included. If a real Blackjack fan I recommend you to look for a Netent Casino that is offering the Double Jack™ side bet as it’s a perfect complement to wide range of blackjack games most Netent Casinos are offering already with other version such as Blackjack Double Exposure and Blackjack Single Deck. If the Double Jack™ side bet is available playing blackjack will become more fun, I promise.

To come back on the basic rules, there’s nothing special to tell as Blackjack pays 3:2 and the dealer must stand on 17 and must draw to 16. Just as usual Insurance pays 2:1.

Double Jack™ side bet

It’s up to you whether you play with or without the Double Jack™ side bet or not. But if you do, you can place an extra bonus bet as part of the regular Blackjack game. The Double Jack™ side bet must be placed after a regular Blackjack bet, but before any cards have been dealt. A Double Jack™ side bet pays when the initial card in the regular Blackjack hand is a Jack, or if the initial two cards in the regular Blackjack hand is a pair of jacks. This simply means your bonus bet is lost if no Jacks are involved. On the other hand you’ll be extra lucky, and rich, If your initial hand shows two Jacks of spades, as your bonus bet will be multiplied by x100. If looking for an exciting version of the classic blackjack game, I’m sure you’ll enjoy Blackjack Pro and its Double Jack™ side bet as well as the 3D look and special card animations.