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Caribbean Stud High Limit

Play Caribbean Stud for real!

Caribbean Stud is a quick and simple casino form of poker, although this time no other opponents are involved, so it’s you against the dealer. If you just want to enjoy a nice poker version, while playing with higher bets, Caribbean Stud High Limit will do for sure. And although the rules are easy to learn, I assume you are already familiar with the poker rules as you will be playing with bets starting from 25.00. if you’re not familiar with the game rules yet, I recommend to choose either Caribbean Stud Low Limit or the standard version of this game. Because no matter what version you’ll be playing, the progressive jackpot attached to Caribbean Stud Poker can be won with any type of bet.

High Limit poker

With stakes between €25 and €500 Caribbean Stud High Limit is not for beginners, unless you have been successful before while playing Caribbean Stud Poker or any other poker game. You see, you don’t have to be an expert to play Caribbean Stud High Limit, but a basic knowledge of the game is highly recommended.

Game of skills vs. game of chance

Caribbean Stud is a casino game and casino games are a 100% game of chance, right? Wrong! For decades poker professionals have been proving the opposite. How else is it possible that some players know how to nail a high position in poker tournaments, over and over again? Skills, and nothing more than that. These professional poker players play the game, day in day out, the reason why these players become skilled poker players. They became good in estimating the outcome of the poker game, simply by guessing what the other players have in hand. Not an easy job you know, maybe even one of the toughest, but just as with Blackjack, it’s all about experience. And the better their poker skills, the more income they manage to generate, and with that profits. But until today many governments and tax offices ignore these kind of insinuations, the reason why poker is still recognised as a 100% game of chance, even though many court cases have proved poker should be seen as a game of skills.

Caribbean Stud Jackpot

Where jackpot slots as Geisha Wonders and Mega Joker can easily be played without any understanding of the game, this is certainly not the case with the High Limit table games designed by Net Entertainment. But luckily it doesn’t matter if advanced or not, all players have the same chances to win the Caribbean Stud Jackpot attached to this card game. The only requirement asked for, is to place a jackpot bet after you’ve placed the ante, but before cards are dealt. Not only the jackpot that comes available once you’ve placed a bonus bet, you can also benefit the bonus payouts going up to 2500:1 when having a Straight Flush. The moment you get a Royal Flush in hand, the jackpot will be yours.

The reason why Caribbean Stud Poker involves a progressive jackpot, while other card games don’t, is because this poker game was originally created by casinos to optimize their house profits. This didn’t really work out well as players stayed away from the Caribbean Stud Poker tables, the reason why a progressive jackpot was attached. Up to today this idea stills works as this poker game is one of the most popular table games at the many Netent Casinos. This progressive jackpot is only powered by local players and with that also won by local players, which simply means your winning chances grow if choosing for a local jackpot like the Caribbean Stud Jackpot.

Free Caribbean Stud

The nicest thing about the Netent games, is the fact they can be played for free as well. The moment you log into your Netent account, you’ll be playing with real money, but to play the games for free, you just don’t log in. This means everybody is welcome to try out the games for free, although this does depend on the Netent Casino. Most Netent Casinos though allow you to play the game for free, as long as you like, while some give you some minutes to play for free. Just a few bigger gambling platforms allow you to play for free once logged in, which means a registration is required.