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Caribbean Stud (EOL)

Caribbean Stud table

This game is End of Life but feel free to read about it here

With four different Caribbean Stud Poker versions, you have plenty of choices when looking for this kind of poker game. At least when you choose to play at one of the NetEnt Casinos.

All versions available at the NetEnt Casinos offer the exact same game rules. But there are some small differences between them. Except for the progressive jackpot attached to the game. This one will be exactly the same for all four versions.

Caribbean Stud Poker versions

Once you know the game rules of one of the games, you can play all versions. You find the differences in the betting options with two standard versions. The Low Limit and the High Limit version.

The betting options of Caribbean Stud Poker (standard) and Caribbean Stud (standard) are the same, with bets between 1.00 and 100.00.

Perfect for the average player, although I recommend you to be familiar with the game rules. If this is not the case, the Low Limit version is best to begin with as bets start as low as 0.10.

But when you look for some extra excitement, you can choose to play Caribbean Stud Poker High Limit. You then benefit from high betting options that start at 25.00, going up to 500.00. But please only do so when your budget allows you to.

Caribbean Stud vs Caribbean Stud Poker

If the betting options of Caribbean Stud Poker (standard) and Caribbean Stud (standard) are the same with bets between 1.00 and 100.00, then what’s the difference between these two games? Why would NetEnt design two exact the same games?

It’s true that both games offer you the exact same betting options. Even the game rules are equal to each other. But that’s not where you find the differences between the two table games. You find them in the design of the game and in the game’s functions.

While Caribbean Stud Poker offers you a classic design, Caribbean Stud allows you to play in style with a more luxuriously design. That’s actually all I can tell about the design, as you should find out yourself.

But if the standard bets will do for you, I would definitely go for Caribbean Stud. This version gives you the opportunity to play Caribbean Stud in style. Additionally, this version also allows you to set up the speed of the game as well as extra audio options.

Caribbean Stud Jackpot

Just as the Caribbean Stud Poker versions, also this version is attached to the progressive Jackpot. You can win it with a bonus bet. You place it after your ante, but before the dealer deals the cards.

And no matter if you know how to play the popular poker game, or if you are a beginner, you don’t have to be a poker expert to win this progressive jackpot.

The moment you get a Royal Flush in hand, the jackpot is yours. Besides that, you can also benefit bonus payouts going up to 2500:1 when you have a Straight Flush.

Bonus payouts

With a theoretical return to player of 97.42%, this poker game may not be the most profitable offered by the Netent Casinos. The progressive jackpot and the bonus payouts do make up for it as they can make a huge different.

With extra high payouts going up to 2500:1 or even the progressive jackpot, I can highly recommend to place a bonus bet, especially because these bonus payouts have nothing to do with your poker skills or whatsoever. They simply depend on the cards you get dealt.

Caribbean Stud basic rules

If you are already familiar with the basic rules, you are ready to play Caribbean Stud too as the game rules of both games are similar.

In both poker games, you play against the house with only one goal in mind, having a better poker hand than the dealer if the dealer has a qualifying hand.

You and the dealer both receive five initial cards while yours will be all visible, the dealer’s cards won’t, except for the first card.

After cards have been dealt, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to Call or Fold. If your cards look promising, Call, if no interesting hand, fold.

Fold for sure when the visible card of the dealer is higher than any of your cards as the chance the dealers wins is rather big. If you go for Call, do make sure you beat the dealer by having a higher ranked hand.

It is a quick and simple casino form of poker, although this time no other opponents are involved, so it’s you against the dealer. Caribbean Stud is an exciting card game, not too hard to learn while also providing a progressive jackpot.