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Oasis Poker Pro High Limit

Play Oasis Poker for real!

Off all poker games Texas Hold’em is definitely the most popular one, but there are many more different versions of this card game and most them can be played at the many Netent Casinos. The majority of these games belongs to the Professional series, high quality designed table games under which also Roulette pro, Blackjack Pro and Baccarat Pro. More than enough choice I would say when it comes to the most popular games. But the Professional Series also offers a range of less popular table games like Oasis Poker is one. Though this underdog isn’t that popular, the poker game Oasis Poker derived from is much more popular and known as Caribbean Stud Poker. These two card games from the Professional Series are sharing the same game rules, although with a few differences. And just as most of the Pro games powered by Net Entertainment, also Oasis Poker can be played in three different versions: Oasis Poker Pro, Oasis Poker Pro Low Limit, and Oasis Poker Pro High Limit.

Online poker game

I can highly recommend Oasis Poker Pro High Limit to those already familiar with the online poker game rules. It doesn’t matter which poker rules you have mastered already, as long as you know all about the poker combinations as these will be responsible for the majority of your winnings. The nicest thing about poker is, that it doesn’t matter what game you will be playing, when knowing the basic game rules of the game, you’ll most probably be fine with all types of poker, including Oasis Poker Pro High Limit. Besides that the basics of the game are easy to learn, as based on the familiar poker combinations like three of a Kind, Flush, Royal Flush, Royal Straight Flush et cetera. Another good reason I can highly recommend to play Oasis Poker is because of the high payout this game is offering as the theoretical return to player for this game is 99.27%, which is extremely high for an online poker game.

Betting options

Oasis Poker Pro High Limit is especially designed for you, at least when you prefer to play with high stakes between 25.00 and 500.00. perfect for high risk players and high rollers, but even when you can afford a big loss, I would still recommend you to make sure you are prepared, having at least the basic knowledge of the game.

Free Oasis Poker

You don’t have to be loaded to play Oasis Poker Pro High Limit, simply because this game is also available as a free casino game. Perfect for if you don’t have the money to play this high limit game for real, but also to become more skilled in the game, just as it’s also the best way to find out if you either like the game, and if so which version will suits you best. You can play them as long as you like, although some Netent Casinos ask you to log in first or they give you just a few minutes to enjoy the free game. Luckily this concerns just a few Netent Casinos as most of them allow you to play the games for free. And it can’t be easier to do so as you can simply open the game from the lobby, where after the game is opened from within your browser.

Oasis Poker Rules

Although is Oasis Poker Pro Low Limit is a derivation of Caribbean Stud Poker, there are quite some differences between the game. Caribbean Stud Poker for example is offering a progressive jackpot, Oasis Poker is played without which leads directly to another very important difference as Oasis Poker Pro High Limit is offering a higher payout of 99.27%. The biggest different playing the game is that Oasis Poker Pro High Limit allows you to exchange up to five cards for a fee, which can be recommended in some cases. You’ll get the chance to trade your cards. Up to all 5 cards can be exchanged in any particular hand, making this Netent card game way more exciting to play as it gives you some space for making big, highly valued and paid hand combinations. Though the regular advice often is to never exchange more than one card, without any exceptions. For the rest oasis Poker is played the same as Caribbean Stud Poker, only with higher payouts and a trading factor in it, perfect for a nice change.