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Pontoon Pro Low Limit

Play Pontoon Pro for real!

Pontoon is the British version of the internationally popular banking game Twenty-one, better known as Blackjack. The game Pontoon though, is derived from the French Vingt-et-un (21), but no matter if Vingt-et-un, 21 or Blackjack, all these game share the same Blackjack game rules with some slight changes here and there. Although the French version isn’t available at the Netent casinos, the Swedish game developer made sure there are several Blackjack versions available including Pontoon Pro Low Limit, part of the professional Series. This series is specially designed for players looking for high quality table games, offering a real life casino experience without leaving the house. The majority of the Netent Casinos offer you the complete Professional Series suite, including all three versions of Pontoon Pro, but also Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette (French and European), Oasis Poker, Punto Banco, Texas Hold’em and Caribbean Stud Poker.

Pontoon Pro for beginners

If you haven’t played Pontoon or Blackjack before, you are at the right place as you have chosen the Low Limit version of the Pontoon Pro Series. There are no lower bets available than with Pontoon Pro Low Limit as it won’t get lower than the minimum bet of 0.10 available in this game. But I’m sure this will do for you, even if you’re a beginner and haven’t been playing Pontoon before. With a bet of 0.10 you are not taking any high risks, perfect to become comfortable with the Pontoon game rules. The maximum bet goes up to 5.00, nice for if you manage to win the majority of the games and you decide to play with some higher bets. And if you don’t want to play with real money at all, no problem either as most Netent Casinos offer you to play their table games for free as well. No registration is needed to play this way as you can simply open the game from the lobby, where after the game is opened from within your browser. Simple as that. Except when you decide to play the game for real, a registration is needed.

Pontoon vs Blackjack

If you are already familiar with the Blackjack game rules, you are definitely ready to go, but let me first explain the difference between Pontoon and Blackjack as this could help generating more winnings. First of all there are some differences in the names of the options as Hit becomes Twist, Stand becomes Stick while Double will be Buy. Also Pontoon doesn’t allow you to stand on any two cards as you must Twist with 14 points or less. With Blackjack you cannot hit after Double, but with Pontoon Pro Low Limit that isn’t a problem at all. A Tie in Blackjack means a Push while in Pontoon Pro dealer wins all ties, no matter what hands are involved. With Blackjack 21 is the best hand, though in Pontoon the 5 card trick beats Blackjack. Also you can split aces twice while playing Pontoon Pro, instead of once, and you can Hit or Double after splitting the aces. Oh and last but not least, a Blackjack is called a Pontoon, the most important combination in both games. I know it seems like Pontoon is a totally different card game, but when you’ve played both of them, you’ll definitely see the many similarities.

Basic Pontoon Rules

As I’ve described the differences before, you know by now the rules of Pontoon Pro Low Limit are slightly different to the Blackjack game rules as different terms are used. The term for Hit is Twist while Stick is used instead of Stand. You can only stick on a hand greater than or equal to 15, while anything over 21 is too much and makes you bust. The dealer must twist on 16 and soft 17. A Pontoon, a hand where the two initial cards are an ace and a card with a value of 10, will always beat any other poker hand. Not even by a Charlie, also known as a 5 Card Trick. A Charlie occurs when a player or dealer manages to twist until he or she has 5 cards in hand that add up to 21 point. And although Pontoon always beats any other hand with a value of 21, a Charlie certainly comes second. For an extensive description of the Pontoon Pro game I recommend to have a look in the game rules which can be found in the Netent game, hidden under the question mark in the left bottom.

With a payout of 99.66% Pontoon Pro Low Limit is one of the best paying table games around. Blackjack on the other hand offers a theoretical return to the player of 99.53%, and although this doesn’t seem of a big difference, eventually this can make a difference, but when playing with low limits, I should not worry about that yet.