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Pontoon Pro (EOL)

Pontoon Pro table

This game is End of Life but feel free to read about it here

Pontoon used to be available at the many NetEnt Casinos. But over the years, outdated games left the stage without a replacement. We keep the pontoon review available.

Pontoon derived from the French Vingt-et-un (21), like Blackjack. Blackjack is more popular than Pontoon, probably the reason why the latter was never replaced.

Blackjack is available in different versions, including Blackjack Pro and Single Deck Blackjack. Pontoon Pro was only available in one version with different limits.

Pontoon betting options

If you are one of the players not familiar with either the Blackjack rules or Pontoon rules, I recommend going for Pontoon Pro Low Limit with bets between 0.01 and 5.00.

Perfect to become comfortable with the game without taking too much risk. If you know how to play, and you know when to Hit/Twist and when to Stand/Stick, you are at the right place with Pontoon.

This game offers you bets starting from 1.00 up to 40.00. These bets are perfect if you know how to play or if you are looking for a nice alternative to the Blackjack game.

Pontoon vs Blackjack

Although Pontoon Pro and Blackjack have a lot of similarities, they do differ from each other. For example, Pontoon uses different names for options like Hit and Stand. Now called Twist and Stick. Double has been changed in Buy, although it’s only in the name, the function of these options are exactly the same.

A Blackjack is, surprisingly, called a Pontoon!

– This table game does not allow you to stand on any two cards, because with 14 points or less you must Twist.
– With Blackjack you cannot hit after Double, while this table game does.
– A Tie in Blackjack means a Push. In this table game, a dealer wins all Ties.
– You can split aces twice in this table game. And you can Hit or Double after splitting the aces.
– You can only Stick on a hand greater than or equal to 15, while anything over 21 is too much and makes you bust. The dealer must Twist on 16 and soft 17.

For an extensive description of the Pontoon Pro game I recommend to have a look in the game rules which can be found in the Netent game, hidden under the question mark in the left bottom.


Although this table game has similar rules to blackjack, ot’s slightly different due to the 5 Card Trick, also known as Charlie. A Charlie occurs when a player or dealer manages to Twist until he or she has 5 cards in hand that add up to 21 points. And although Pontoon always beats any other hand with a value of 21, a Charlie certainly comes second.

Pontoon Payout

With a payout of 99.66% this less familiar table game pays better than Blackjack as Blackjack offers a theoretical return to the player of 99.53%, and although this doesn’t seem of a big difference, eventually this can make a difference. It could help you to choose between the two games, although I would go for the table game you feel most comfortable with.