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Punto Banco High Limit

Play Punto Banco for real!

The Net Entertainment casino games suite includes over 150 games, under which also a wide range of table games including Punto Banco Pro. Punto Banco is a casino card game inspired by Baccarat, also available at the Netent Casinos and part of the Professional Series. Both games are played between the player and the casino. Just as with Baccarat Pro, the aim of Punto Banco Pro is to predict which hand will be the highest, as well as you can also predict a Tie.

Who is having a good look at Punto Banco Pro High Limit and Baccarat Pro High Limit, won’t see that much differences. Not at the tables and neither when comparing the game rules as both card games are quite similar to each other. Though Punto Banco Pro’s house edge is 1.08%, slightly higher than with Baccarat Pro’s 1.04%. Nothing to worry about if you ask me, so let’s move on to the next difference, which involves the amount of decks the games are played with. Punto Banco Pro High Limit is played with six regular decks, instead of the eight decks available at Baccarat. I am wondering though, if any player, even if more advanced, will really notice this difference. A difference you’ll see for sure, is the one that involves the fields on the table, as Player became Punto and Banker became Banco. Tie on the other hand can be found on the table as Tie, quite original right? Just as the logos are original, but that’s about it, as the rest of the game is exactly the same which simply means you can play Punto Banco if already familiar with the Baccarat games and other way around.

High limits

Punto Banco Pro is offered in three different versions as a Standard and Low Limit version are available as well. Play the Low Limit version when a beginner or a low stake player as the maximum bet won’t go higher than 10.00. Punto Banco Pro offers you bets in between 1.00 and 100.00, of course available in many different currencies depending on the Netent Casino and currency of your choice. If you are one of these players who can afford themselves to play with high stakes, Punto Banco Pro High Limit will do for sure as the minimum bet is 10.00 while the maximum bet amounts 1.000.

Skills or no skills

When you are looking for a table game, the choice is big. But the games are very different and if I divide them in two categories, I could use the skill factor for it. Players often think casino games are all about luck, but this isn’t the case. Think about Blackjack for example, a game that isn’t about luck only, because the better you play the game, the better your chances to win will be. This is also the case with poker, the reason why professional poker players want poker to be recognised as a skill game instead of game of chance, which have been leading to many court cases between players and tax institutions all over Europe. Slowly improvements have been seen, but I have the idea many court cases have to follow before poker will finally be recognised as a game of skill.

You see, some of the table games could be seen as games of skill which mostly means some more complicated rules are involved. Perfect for if you are looking for a challenge, if not, Punto Banco Pro High Limit could be the perfect game for you as this game is so easy to learn, that you don’t even have to go through the game rules if you don’t feel like it. Punto Banco pro in general is nothing more than making a choice between Punto, Banco or Tie or a combination of these, nothing more than that. This means no skills involved. The moment cards have been dealt, the game is played automatically. You have no influence on the outcome of the game or whatsoever, which makes Punto Banco Pro High Limit a 100% game of chance.

Punto Banco Pro basics

Although Punto Banco Pro is part of the professional Series, you certainly don’t have to be a professional to play the game. Just as with Baccarat Pro High Limit, you’ll be predicting the outcome of the game. You can choose between Punto, Banco or Tie, or if you feel like it for a combination. This prediction involves the highest hand, because the outcome of the game depends on the total of points both have in hand and the hand closet to 9 points wins, however hands of equal value are a Tie. Simple as that, but if you’re not sure about this game yet, you can always decide to try Punto Banco Pro High Limit first for free, before you even think about playing for real money. And of the reasons we like Netent Casinos so much, is because most of them offer you the chance to play the Netent games for free, without any registration or download.