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Punto Banco Low Limit

Play Punto Banco for real!

Punto Banco Professional Series is a traditional Baccarat game played between the player and the casino. Just as with Baccarat Pro, the aim of Punto Banco Pro is to predict which hand will be the highest, as well as you can also predict a Tie. Actually all game rules are sort of the same as the rules with Baccarat, except Punto Banco Pro Low Limit is played with six regular decks, instead of the eight regular decks Baccarat Pro is played with. Although I am wondering if any player, even if more advanced, will notice this difference. Another slight difference between Punto Banco Pro and Baccarat Pro is the theoretical return to the player. Punto Banco Pro Low Limit offers a payout of 98.92%, while the payout of Baccarat Pro Low Limit is 98.96%. Another difference you’ll notice is the design of the Punto Banco Pro table, which is quite similar to the one of Baccarat Pro, but since both games have a different name, it’s the fields that do show some differences. Banker became Banco, Player will be Punto, while Tie stays Tie. Some originality can be found in the logos too though, but that’s as far as I can go when it comes to the differences between Punto Banco Pro and Baccarat Pro. So it’s very simple, if you know how to play Baccarat Pro Low Limit, you know how to play Punto Banco Pro Low Limit, and the other way around. Simple as that!

Different Punto Banco Pro versions

Just as most of the table games designed by Net Entertainment, no matter if playing Blackjack, Baccarat or Caribbean Stud Poker, also Punto Banco Pro is available in three different versions, including Punto Banco Pro Low Limit, extremely suitable for those who aren’t familiar with the game yet or just prefer to play this Netent game with lower stakes. Punto Banco Pro Low Limit is for everyone looking for a low risk game, simply because the lowest bet possible is 0.10. The highest bet possible is 10.00, although these amounts can differ when playing in a currency other than €/$/£. The other two versions are Punto Banco Pro and Punto Banco Pro High Limit, of which the last one is created for those players looking for a more risky game.

Punto Banco for beginners

This table game is for everyone, no matter if you know how to play Punto Banco or not, this game is so easy to learn, that you don’t even have to go through the game rules if you don’t feel like it. Normally I would not recommend to play a game without reading the game rules first, but with Punto Banco it should not be problem, as long as you start with the lowest bet, you should be fine.

The reason why you can start to play Punto Banco Pro Low Limit straight away without reading the game rules, is because this card game is nothing more than making a choice between Punto, Banco or Tie. Even though you can bet on a combination too, there’s nothing more for you to do. The moment cards have been dealt, there’s nothing you can do anymore about the outcome of the game as no choices have to be made. In Punto Banco Pro Low Limit it is the three card rules system that decides whether you get a third card or not. This is the reason why Punto Banco Pro is a 100% game of chance, unlike skilled table games like Texas Hold’em, Casino Hold’em and Blackjack, table games having skills involved as well.

Punto Banco basics

Like I’ve written before, the aim of Punto Banco Pro Low Limit is to predict which hand will be the highest, the Banco’s or the Punto’s, while you can also predict a Tie. Depending on what you think the outcome is going to be, you place a bet on either one or two of the fields visible on the Punto Banco table. After you’ve placed your bet, the game can start. The Punto and Banco are dealt either two or three cards. Third cards are dealt based on the third card rules, of which an extended description can be found in the Punto Banco Pro Low Limit game rules, hidden under the question mark at the left bottom of the game. When all cards have been dealt, the game compares the hand values of the Punto and Banco, as the hand with a value closest to 9 wins, however hands of equal value are a Tie.

Free Punto Banco Pro Low Limit

Because this card game is very easy to learn, it wouldn’t be irresponsible to start playing Punto Banco Pro Low Limit with real money without knowing the game rules, as the basics are more than enough. But if you prefer to play this table game for free first, this is fine too. The majority of the Netent Casinos is giving you the opportunity to play Punto Banco Pro Low Limit as a free casino game, just from within your favourite browser and even without registering on forehand.