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Punto Banco (EOL)

Punto Banco table

This game is End of Life but feel free to read about it here or try

The most familiar table games are Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Casino Hold’em, and all can be played at the many Netent Casinos, but as we are used to from Net Entertainment, some special table games where developed as well. Punto Banco Pro is one of them, part of the Professional Series, and available in Standard, Low Limits and High Limits.

If you are already familiar with the Baccarat Pro game rules, I’m 100% sure you are with the Punto Banco Pro game rules as well. The reason I’m sure about that, is because these two table games are practically the same, at least when talking about the online versions designed by Net Entertainment. But why would the Swedish software developer put effort in designing a game that is the same as another casino game? Well, the reason why is because Baccarat Pro is more popular in casino paradises like Macau and Las Vegas, while Punto Banco is popular in other areas including Europe.

Although Punto Banco hasn’t been a popular casino game, slowly but steadily, this card game is gaining popularity among the casino goers as well as in the online casinos. Not as popular as the Baccarat game is in the Macau Casinos though, responsible for two-third of Macau’s casino revenue, mostly generated by super superstitious Asian players tending to have some weird rituals at the Baccarat tables. This superstitiousness is reflected in the way Asian people play Baccarat by creasing the corners of their cards, just to see what numbers they were dealt. They might also blow on the cards to “blow away” all bad luck. As far as I know, this isn’t the case with the Punto Banco card game, especially not when playing it at one of the many Netent Casinos, in either a Standard, Low Limit or High Limit version.

Punto Banco Professional Series

Netent’s history goes far back in time, when online casinos didn’t even exist, which can be seen clearly when playing the Netent games. This software developer knows what players are looking for in a table game, the reason why a Professional Series was developed of which also includes Punto Banco Pro, a traditional Baccarat game played between the player and the casino.

Punto Banco Pro basics

Just as with Baccarat Pro, you’ll be aiming for a right prediction when it comes to Punto or Banco (Player or Banker). You can choose between those two or for a third option, a Tie. That shouldn’t be too hard right, although you can also go or a combination, but that’s up to you. The prediction involves the highest hand, because the outcome of the game depends on the total of points both have in hand and the hand closet to 9 points wins, however hands of equal value are a Tie.

How to play Punto Banco

Depending on what you think the outcome of this Punto Banco Pro game is going to be, you place a bet on either Punto, Banco or Tie, or a combination of those. After you’ve placed your bet, the game starts and cards will be dealt. Punto and Banco are dealt either two or three cards of which the card is dealt based on the third card rules, of which an extended description can be found in the Punto Banco Pro game rules, hidden under the question mark at the left bottom of the game. No matter if you know how to play Punto Banco Pro or not, this game is so easy to learn, that you don’t even have to go through the game rules if you don’t feel like it.

Punto Banco in general is nothing more than making a choice between Punto, Banco or Tie or a combo, nothing more. There are no skills involved in this game, like this is the case with Blackjack and Texas Hold’em. The moment cards have been dealt, the game is played automatically. You have no influence on the outcome of the game which makes Punto Banco Pro a 100% game of chance.

Free casino games

One of the main reasons I recommend a Netent casino to play your favourite casino games, including all Punto Banco Pro versions, is because of the possibility to play the casino games for free. Most Netent Casinos don’t even ask you to register, while the Netent games can be easily played from within your favourite browser. This means you can visit the Netent Casino lobby, pick a game and start playing instantly. The moment you’ve found yourself the perfect Netent Casino which meets all your expectations, you can register and start playing with real money.