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Roulette High Limit

Play European Roulette for real!

As one of the most popular table games it’s no surprise Net Entertainment designed a number of different roulette games, and no Netent Casino can be called complete without a high limit roulette. While Roulette Low Limit is perfect for beginners and intermediates, after a while, when you become familiar with the roulette game rules, the chance is big you are aiming for more challenge. That’s the moment you can move on to the standard Roulette, as limits will be higher than the 0.10-50.00 bets Roulette Low Limit is offering you. Although the standard roulette version is suitable for intermediate and advanced players, expert roulette players will probably want to go one step higher and for those players Netent designed Roulette High Limit.

European Roulette

It’s the most common roulette variant to play; European Roulette. With 37 numbers in the game, numbers 1 to 36 all colored red or black, and a zero which is green colored, European Roulette does look a lot like French Roulette. Roulette High Limit involves the European Roulette rules, the most popular variant no matter if playing roulette in an online casino or land based casino.

Advanced Roulette

Even though Roulette is a game of chance with simple rules, the moment you know all ins and outs of the game, the chance to win could be higher. The roulette game rules are very simple, and every player needs to know the basics, but if you want to become an advanced player I recommend to read the game rules, try out some different roulette versions such as French Roulette and European Roulette and try out all kind of different bets. The moment you start winning more and more often, and profits become real, you can start to build up the bets from low limits to high limits.

Free roulette

Roulette in general is very easy to play, but the moment you start to play with high bets, it’s highly recommended you know all ins and outs of the game. Make sure you know the best bets of which you know they give you a good chance to win. A good way to find out which bets could work, is to play roulette for free. All Netent Casinos offer you free roulette, for all versions, no matter if low limits or high limits. Play Roulette High Limit for free to find out what a perfect total bet would be for you, what numbers you can call your personal lucky numbers and which way to bet you prefer.

Roulette strategies

There are so many different ways to play roulette as you can choose to play different numbers with every new game or to repeat one certain bet over and over again. Did you find out that one certain bet worked for you while playing free roulette, you can choose to repeat this same bet while playing Roulette High Limit for real money. It’s all up to you to find out what works for you and what doesn’t. Try out different strategies and use all kind of bets including Table bets, Side bets, Panel bets and Special bets, but neither forget about the Racetrack.


The Racetrack provides an alternative way of betting on the roulette table, duplicating the roulette wheel with the same order of numbers. The Special bets cover numbers located next to each other on the roulette wheel and Racetrack. There are three different types of bets which can be made using the Racetrack. Choose from Straight bets or Special bets including Neighbour bets. Use the free roulette version to give the Racetrack a try before you start to use it in a real money game.

Ready to go

If you think, you are ready to play Roulette High Limit now, you are probably right. But here is a good advice before you start playing this online roulette version. Make sure you first brought the other two versions, Roulette Low Limit and Roulette to a good end before you go for the real challenge. Have a close look at the game rules by opening them using the question mark at the left bottom, just so you know all possibilities as every online casino is offering its own roulette versions. A simple read, in order not to be surprised by rules that you were not aware of, isn’t a bad investment I can tell you.