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Play European Roulette for real!

One of the most played table games in both, the casinos as well as in the Netent Casinos, is Roulette. And even though a 100% game of chance, some experience in playing Roulette can help to increase your winnings. If you’re an experienced player, you know what I’m talking about, if not you’ll probably think it is all about placing your chip on just one number. All sort of bets are allowed, including the simple one number bet, but the moment you really get into the game, you will realise there is so much more possible while placing your bets as for example inside bets, outside bets and panel bets are among the possibilities.

Standard Roulette

Such a simple game to play, it’s one of the most attractive table games that can be found in the many Netent Casinos. Not only because it’s one of the most popular table games, but most of all because it’s so very easy to learn. Yes, there are rules attached to the game, but not as many as with Blackjack or Baccarat, as even without reading them, you can start to play Roulette without a problem.

The aim of the game

The major part of the Netent Casinos offer you three standard Roulette games, including the Roulette Standard version as you’ve just opened, but also a Low Limit and a High Limit version.
Roulette is an online version of European Roulette where the aim of the game is to successfully predict which of the 37 numbered pockets will be hit by the ball. If one of your bets involves the right prediction, you’ll be awarded with a nice win. If not, unfortunately all bets are lost.

Free Roulette

There’s only one way to play Roulette as no awards can be won if you don’t place a bet. Just as in any land based casino or live casino you’re more than welcome to have a look only and see which way the wind blows, but in case of online roulette, you won’t see much. Instead of looking at others playing, you will look at an empty table, without nothing happening. But don’t worry, you’ve just opened a free version of the Netent Roulette, so it won’t harm you when placing a bet. You’ve got 5.000 euros in the pocket, and if you manage to win, it will be nice as it simply means you get the game, but if you lose there won’t be any consequences either. Perfect to try out this immense popular table game, daily played by millions of people from all over the world.

Roulette game rules

Now you have the chance to play for free, why not just trying out some different sort of bets instead of just a Straight Bet, well known as the bet you place your chip on just one number including the zero. Although this bet gives the highest payout of 35:1, a Split Bet, Three Line Bet and Corner Bets can be just as interesting. If I could give you one of my honest casino tips, I would mix some of the bets. But don’t overdue, because there will only be one winning number, so make sure that your ‘worst’ win will still be profitable.

Roulette table

For those who have a first look at the Roulette table, the table may look a bit complicated, but in fact it is very easy to understand as there are 36 numbers (1-36) and a zero to bet on. You can choose to bet on individual numbers, but also on a few main sections as can be seen around the main numbers. There are 1:1 possibilities and 2:1 possibilities, and you can bet on red or black, or on even or odd numbers. Place a bet on a third of the numbers, like 1-12 or 25-36 or on a whole line. Like many online roulette games designed by Net Entertainment, also this online roulette version offers you a second lay out on the table, an oval, meant for a special number of bets that we call Neighbour Bets.

European Roulette

Not only is Roulette more than just a Straight Bet, the game itself is also available in different versions. The Roulette version as described on this page, we call European Roulette, the most regular version of this table game. But the Netent Casinos do have more to offer as there is also a French version called French Roulette. Who does like to play the European Roulette is lucky as you can also try Roulette High Limit or Roulette Low Limit just as there’s another European Roulette available in most of the Netent Casinos. And even though I tried my best to explain some of the basics of the Roulette game, if more information is required, an extensive description can be found under the question mark while playing the free Roulette game on this page.