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Texas Holdem Low Limit

Play Texas Holdem for real!

On your quest for a traditional poker game, without the many opponents as you’ll find in poker rooms, you don’t have to look any further as you’ve found yourself the perfect game. Not only is Texas Hold’em a traditional poker game, it’s also the most popular card game around, played in poker rooms, land based casinos, at poker tournaments, as well as in the many Netent Casinos. Even though three different online versions of the game can be found at the Netent Casinos, they are all played with the exact same game rules. No matter if playing Texas Hold’em Low Limit, the standard version or Texas Hold’em High Limit, they all offer you the traditional version, played against the dealer only.

Texas Hold’em for beginners

With stakes as low as 0.10, you have found yourself a Texas Hold’em version perfect for beginners. Of course this Low Limit table game, designed by Net Entertainment, is suitable for any type of player who prefers to play with low bets, even though higher bets can be afforded. But if not familiar yet with the Texas Hold’em game rules, this Low Limit version is just perfect to become familiar with the game rules, without taking irresponsible risks.

Free Texas Hold’em

Even though the betting options available in this Netent table game are very much suitable for low risk players and beginners, if you don’t want to take any risk, you can always decide to play Texas Hold’em Low Limit as a free casino game first. The majority of the Netent Casinos is giving you the opportunity to play Texas Hold’em Low Limit for free as well. Most of them don’t even require a registration on forehand, at least not when playing for free. No matter if playing for free or with real money, all Netent table games can be played instantly from within your favourite browser.

Professional Series

Texas Hold’em Low Limit is part of the Professional Series, a very comprehensive series specially designed for players looking for high quality table games. And no matter if playing Pontoon Pro, Blackjack Pro, Baccarat Pro, Roulette Pro, or Caribbean Stud Poker Pro, they all offer you a real life casino experience without leaving the house. The majority of the Netent Casinos offer you the complete Professional Series suite, including all three Texas Hold’em games.

Poker skills

With a theoretical return to the player of 99.37%, Texas Hold’em Low Limit is highly recommended offering a low house edge, which means the house is quite easy to beat. But nothing is as easy as it seems, and taking advantage of the lower house edge is one of them. Poker is a game of chance, as well as it is a game of skills. How is this possible? Simply because your skills can influence the outcome of the game. The more knowledge you have, referring to the poker hands, the better your decisions will be and the more wins you will generate. Though before you are at that point, it’s highly recommended to become familiar the Texas Hold’em game rules first.

Texas Hold’em game rules

The nicest thing about poker in general is that no matter what poker version you choose to play, they all are about the poker combinations as for example High Card, a Pair, Full House, Four of a Kind, and Straight Flush. The more knowledge of these card combinations, the easier it will be to beat the house and with that the dealer. Texas Hold’em always starts with placing the ante bet, where after you’ll get two cards dealt, both face up while the two initial cards of the dealer are dealt face down. It’s up to you to have a very good look at your cards, trying to estimate your winning chances. If you predict a positive outcome of the game, which means you have good cards, you can call, if your cards are hopeless, you fold.

Once you’ve called there are two more betting rounds to go very well- known as Flop, Turn and River. The Flop will be dealt after you called your bet. Three community cards are dealt face up and again it’s up to you to call or check. If you call your bet will increase once more, but when you check the bet stays the same and it’s time for the Turn card, the fourth card that will be dealt face up. This will be the last time you can either Check or Call, because after that the last card will be shown and the outcome will be revealed. Your hand and the one of the dealer will be compared to see the winner of this game.

Once you get familiar with the poker hands, you’ll manage to win more and more, slowly becoming more advanced. If that time arrived, you can choose for a bigger challenge with Texas Hold’em, the standard version offering bets from 1.00 up till 40.00, perfect to spice up the game.