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Texas Hold’em (EOL)

Texas Holdem table

This game is End of Life but feel free to read about it here

One of the best casino series available in the online casino industry is for sure the Professional Series, meticulously designed by Net Entertainment. This series of table games is available at all Netent Casinos, although some don’t offer the complete Netent table games suite, most of them are. And if there’s one table game that can’t be missed at any of the Netent Casinos, it’s definitely Texas Hold’em, the most popular poker game around.

But no matter if you’re about to play Texas Hold’em Pro, Pontoon Pro, Blackjack Pro, Baccarat Pro, Roulette Pro, or Caribbean Stud Poker Pro, they all offer you a real life casino experience without leaving the house. Besides that all of these table games are offered in three versions as well, including a standard version, a s well as a low limit and a high limit version.

Texas Hold’em Pro for beginners

You’re about to play the standard version of Texas Hold’em Professional Series, which means you get the chance to play with stakes starting from 1.00 up to a maximum stake of 40.00. I would say perfect for you if you already have some knowledge of the game, or when your budget can handle some losses. The reason why I say that, is because Texas Hold’em is officially a game of luck, but we all know by now that skills can influence a poker game.

For that reason I recommend beginners to start with Texas Hold’em Pro Low Limit, as stakes start from 0.10, perfect to create some poker skills while playing with real money. If you play the game for free, which is also possible at the majority of the Netent casinos, it doesn’t really matter what version you choose. They all offer you the traditional poker game based on your two initial cards, plus the five community cards, while the aim of the game is to beat the house by creating a better poker hand.

Poker skills

Texas Hold’em is a casino game, and casino games are based on luck right? Wrong! This is what some want you to believe, even though several court cases involving professional poker players, have been proved the opposite. Besides that it has been proven many times, and by many professional poker players.

How else is it possible that certain professionals know how to end up at a final table over and over again? This means they were better than the hundreds other professionals taking part in the tournament. Laws call it luck, but we all know by now it’s not only about luck anymore these days, because those who are skilled in playing poker, can make a nice living of it.

With a theoretical return to the player of 99.37%, Texas Hold’em Pro is already highly recommended, but when you are one of these players who can estimate whether your two initial cards will bring you ‘luck’ or not, I’m sure you can handle Texas Hold’em Pro.

Traditional poker game

On your quest for a traditional poker game, without any opponents to beat other than the dealer, you’ve came at the right place. Not only is Texas Hold’em a traditional poker game, it’s also the most popular card game around, played in poker rooms, land based casinos, and at the many poker tournaments organised by poker rooms and the bigger casino platforms.

No wonder this card game got a Pro version of its own, resulting in a nicely designed table game, offering you the traditional poker game, including the traditional Texas Hold’em game rules, while you play against the dealer only.

Texas Hold’em game rules

The good nicest thing about poker in general is that all poker versions offer you sort of the same game rules. There are some significant differences while playing Caribbean Stud, Oasis Poker, and Texas Hold’em Pro, but all of them are about the poker combinations as for example High Card, a Pair, Full House, Four of a Kind, and Straight Flush.

The more knowledge of these card combinations you have, the more skills you will develop and the more winnings you are able to generate.

Playing Texas Hold’em Pro, Texas Hold’em Low Limit or Texas Hold’em High Limit, you always start the game by placing the ante bet.

Then you’ll receive your two initial cards the whole game depends on. Decide whether you want to call when having decent cards, or if it’s better to fold. If you call, your total bet will be tripled, so make sure you’re making the right decision.

Once you’ve called the bet, there are two more betting rounds to go including the Flop, Turn and River. The Flop will be dealt after you called your bet. Three community cards are dealt face up and again it’s up to you to call or check.

When you check, your bet stays the same, but if you call your bet will increase once more, so better be sure you’re having a good combination in hand to increase your bet again. It’s time for the Turn card, the fourth card that will be dealt face up.

This will be the last time you can either check or call, because after that this last card, the outcome of the game will be revealed and you’ll know if you made the right decisions or not. If so, you win the game and you’ll be paid out following the paytable. And if this happens more frequently, you can think about moving to the next fase going for higher limits with Texas Hold’em High Limit.