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Video Poker

Many players expect that the origin of the video poker derived from the video slot. But the opposite is true. More than 120 years ago, a designer duo from New York, known as Pitt and Sittman, were brainstorming about a new game. Later this would be the very first video poker.

This first gambling machine consisted of five reels, with on each reel one poker card. The paytable was easy. It consisted of the most familiar poker combinations. The same as used in the many video pokers at the many NetEnt Casinos.

Different from the video pokers these days, winnings came from the bar. The visitors of the bar that won on the machine, were paid with beer. The reason why was that gambling was forbidden in the Americas at the time.

It’s the old poker game used for the first gambling machine. But basically it’s the same poker game as you see at the NetEnt Casinos these days.

There is one very big difference, though, between the modern video pokers and the one designed by Pitt and Sittman. The winnings don’t get paid with beers and cigars any more.

Playing a NetEnt video poker

The wide range of video pokers includes different variants like All American, Jacks or Better, and Deuces Wild. All these games are based on the standard poker game. But thanks to the variety of the games, NetEnt made it even more attractive to play the video pokers.

Are you one of these players that like to play poker, the video poker could definitely be worth a try. Simply because the video poker is based on the original poker card game. This game is also perfect for those who have no clue about the poker rules, but would love to learn the game without any opponents or dealers to defeat.

If you’re already playing poker table games or poker as a casino game, the many versions of video poker at the NetEnt Casinos could be a nice change in between.

Video poker rules

Although the video poker rules are almost equal to those of the standard poker, the biggest difference is the absence of the dealer.

Poker played as a table game does include a dealer while a video poker is fully automatic. The biggest advantage is that there’s no dealer to defeat. Or to be defeated by. It’s perfect for those that just start to play poker.

The poker combinations, so familiar for many poker games, can be different with each and every video poker, but poker hands like Two Pair, Full House, and Royal Flush are quite standard.

Even though beginners experience poker rules as complicated, the video poker is actually quite easy to play. Place your bet, click the deal button and the cards will be dealt. You receive five play cards coming from one deck of cards.

The nicest part of the video poker games is the feature that automatically puts a poker combination on hold for you. Like this, you never miss out on a combination.

It’s up to you to keep this combination or to change it if you’re having the idea you can do better. If no combination is possible yet, it’s up to you to hold any of the cards in order to prepare a potential combination involving a Jack or higher and perhaps the second round will finish what you’ve started in the first round. If no cards are on hold, you receive five new cards and everything will be possible.

Every NetEnt video poker game consists of two rounds. After the second round, it’s clear if you have a poker combination or not.

Poker variants

Just as there are many different video slots, table games, and other NetEnt games, the Swedish software supplier also designed several different variants.

You can play each variant with a certain number of hands in order to make the video poker more interesting for the players at the many different NetEnt Casinos.

Besides the popular variant Deuces Wild, the only Netent video poker with two variants, you can also choose to play Jacks or Better, All American, and Joker Wild. You can play all these NetEnt video pokers as a one hand game or a five hand version up to a version played with 100 hands at the same time.

Video poker features

As most video slots include a wide selection of extra features, video pokers don’t offer that many extras except for a Joker maybe. The good thing is that the video poker does not depend on extra features as it’s all about the poker combinations. A Joker can help, but if it’s absent, there will be something else that assure you off nice winnings. Deuces Wild and Joker Wild are offering you a Joker, but in Jacks or Better, it will be two Jacks or higher assuring you nice wins. Besides the extra’s or easy poker combinations, every NetEnt video poker offers a gamble feature as well which gives you the opportunity to double or quadruple your winnings.

Gamble feature

After a nice win, it’s up to you to either use the gamble feature or ignore it. If ignored you can start a new game, but if using this feature you are obviously going to gamble a bit more.

Once you decide to give it a try and double your winnings, you make a choice between red or black. When your guess is right, you double your winnings.

To quadruple your win, you make a choice out of the four card suits. Hearts or spades, for example. A good guess quadruples your winnings.

You can take another shot, but be careful, as a wrong guess ends the feature and makes you lose it all again. To stay 100% safe and to keep your winnings, you just forget about the gamble feature and let your poker skills do the job.