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All American Multihand™ (EOL)

All American Multihand

This game is End of Life but feel free to read about it here

With a high Return to Player of 98.11%, All American Multihand™ is a recommendation to every person who enjoys playing video poker.

Even if it’s not your type of poker game to play, I can still advise thinking about it anyway. Alternate video poker with other online poker games, online poker, or casino poker, just to improve your skills.

The reason why a video poker like All American Multihand™ can help you out with improving your poker skills, is because of its fast gameplay. You will play many more hands in an hour while playing a video poker than with any other poker game.

And if looking for a nice video poker to play, I can for sure recommend All American Multihand™, available in a 1, 5, 10, and 25 hand version.

Upgraded video poker

Having the look and the feel of a computer game, All American Multihand™ is one of the four video pokers. All four Multihand video pokers arrived at the NetEnt Casinos in 2014. They brought a more modern suite of video pokers.

NetEnt kept all the best from the classic video poker games, such as a fast gameplay and high payout, but added a more modern look to the Multihand video poker games.

Why All American Multihand™?

Even though All American Multihand™ doesn’t offer the highest payout, the Return to Player (RTP) is 98.11%, which is higher than the highest payout of a video slot.

Card games are more attractive in general anyway, although that doesn’t seem to make the video slots less popular. I can also recommend the upgraded video pokers, of which All American Multihand™ is one, simply because you can now switch easily from a 1, 5, or 10 hands version to a 25 hands version and back.

This is because All American Multihand™ comes in one game instead of 4 different versions like the classic version of All American does. Another good reason to play a Multihand video poker game is because they give you the opportunity to gamble after a win occurs.

If you gamble right, you double your wins. If not, you lose your wins. This Double Up gamble feature is definitely worth it for a small win. Simply because the risk to lose big is low.

All American video poker new style

Although all general rules are the same, there are definitely some differences between the classic All American video poker and All American Multihand™.

First there’s the modern look and renewed gameplay, making All American Multihand™ a computer game, rather than a video poker. A perfect change, especially because all good features from the classic version remained too.

The fast game play is one of them, as well as the high payout. The amount of hands don’t go as high as the classic version. But with a maximum of 25 hands, you still enjoy All American Multihand™ to the max.

Available in 1,5, 10, and 25 hands, Joker Wild Multihand has enough versions to offer. And there are 5 different levels to play with.

Betting options

All offered in just one game, you can easily switch between the 1, 5, 10, and 25 hands versions. Also, there are 5 levels to choose from. I can recommend you to chose the highest hand version if you play the highest level.

This is simply because in level 1-4, a Return to Player of 97.07% is all you get. Level 5 offers a Return to Player of 97.95%.

For a few games it doesn’t matter much though, but when you play over 100 hands, you benefit from level 5. When it comes to the hit frequency, the 25 hand version of Joker Wild Multihand is the highest. That’s why I can also recommend you to play with the maximum amount of hands.

Double Up Gamble Feature

The Double Up gamble feature is available with all four Multihand video poker. Also All American Wild is offering you the Double Up gamble feature, providing you the opportunity to double any win made during the main game. Don’t expect this gamble feature to be as a poker game, because where poker is partly skills and partly a game of chance, the Double Up gamble feature is all about luck.

All American Multihand™ rules

Just like all NetEnt video pokers, also All American Multihand follows conventional poker rules in how hands are dealt and formed. The game itself includes regular poker hands such as Jacks or Better, Two Pair, Three of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, Four of a Kind, Straight Flush, and Royal Straight Flush. The hold function available will automatically hold all cards that are part of a winning hand.

My recommendation

All American Multihand is highly recommended if looking for a video poker game in a NetEnt Casino that doesn’t offer a Joker. Even more perfect than Joker Wild Multihand or Deuces Wild Multihand to improve your poker skills or to get familiar fast with the poker hands involved in both, online poker and offline poker. Whatever reason you have to play a video poker, I’m sure you will enjoy this upgraded video poker game, another great effort from NetEnt.