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Jacks or Better Multihand™ (EOL)

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Jacks or Better Multihand

This game is End of Life but feel free to read about it here

While five classic poker games have been available for a long time, it was in 2014 NetEnt came up with four new video poker versions: Joker Wild Double Up, All American Deuces Wild Double Up, and Jacks or Better Mutlihand.

Of course there’s not much of a difference in the names, considering the fact Jacks or Better Mutlihand is simply an upgrade of the classic video poker Jacks or Better.

In the game itself on the other hand, you’ll for sure find some obvious changes, including the look and feel of a computer game. Jacks or Better Mutlihand is back, better than ever, still offering the fast gameplay, and high payout.

Upgrade Jacks or Better video poker

Jacks or Better is one of the classic video poker games that you can’t miss out on in any online casino. None of the NetEnt Casinos, nor its players, say no to a new and improved version of the game.

Unless no fast gameplay or high payout, a player would think twice when looking for a video poker game. The fact all good features are still there, while the rest of the game got a brilliant makeover, makes Jacks or Better Mutlihand highly recommended.

What’s new?

Unlike the classic video poker games available in the many NetEnt Casinos, offering five different casino games, Jacks or Better Multihand is available as one game. Meanwhile, still available in 1, 5, 10, and 25 hand versions. This is quite an improvement for anyone who enjoys playing different versions of video poker, because from now on you can easily switch between the different hand versions, without closing the video poker game.

Betting options

Besides a greater look, different hand version in one single game, Jacks or Better Mutlihand is also offering five different levels to play with, as well as six different coin values to choose from. I can highly recommend to play level 5 instead of 1-4, simply because the game return to the player goes up the moment you choose to play level 5.

The same goes for the amount of hands you play with, having a huge impact on the hit frequency of the game. Starting with a hit frequency of 44.7% when playing with one hand, playing with 25 hands makes sure this percentage goes up to 99.8%.

A maximum win amounts 4000 coins (€40.000) when playing with 1 hand, while a maximum win can go up to 100.000 (€50.000) when you choose to play with 25 hands at the same time. The overall Return to Player (RTP) is 99.56%, which is very high compared to other online poker games.

Jacks or Better rules

Just like the classic version of Jacks or Better, also Jacks or Better Mutlihand follows conventional poker rules in how hands are dealt and formed. The game itself includes regular poker hands, as well as Jacks or Better involving Pairs of Jacks, Queens, Kings, or Aces. An automatic hold function is available. This means cards that are part of a winning hand are put on hold automatically. You can either choose to keep it like that, or you may choose to clear these cards.

The double up gamble feature

Not brand new, but clearly improved as well, also Jacks or Better Mutlihand offers you a gamble feature, this time called Double Up. The double up gamble feature provides you a chance to double your winnings, but if not interested, you just keep on playing the regular video poker game. If you do choose to play the Double Up Gamble feature, you can guess the colour of the next card. If you guess the right colour, your win doubles. When you make a correct guess, you have the option to guess again on a new card or collect what you’ve won.

My recommendation

I have to admit that I rather play a video poker, then writing about it. Simply because I I’m quite a fan of poker, even though I hardly find time to go to the casino and play myself. It is because of this I like it when NetEnt brings a new poker game to the NetEnt Casinos, giving me a good reason to play some poker myself again.

Being familiar with the classic video poker games, already available at the NetEnt Casinos for years, I can for sure recommend Jacks or Better Mutlihand. I do prefer the new game look myself, as well as the sounds of the cards, the paytable, and of course the possibility to switch the amount of hands without leaving the game.

Jacks or Better Mutlihand, and the three other Mutlihand video pokers, are proving again why NetEnt is the deserved winner of the Digital Gaming Innovator of the Year award, which was won at the Global Gaming award in September 2014. Modernization and innovation are definitely on top of the list at NetEnt, the reason why I prefer the NetEnt Games over any other games suite in the iGaming industry.