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Aliens™ (EOL)

This game is End of Life but feel free to read about it here


Netent’s branded video slot Aliens was launched in front of a packed audience at the ICE Totally Gaming conference in London at the beginning of 2014, although it took a few months before this game was released by Netent and deployed in the many Netent Casinos. It isn’t the first branded video slot released by world’s leading provider of high-quality online casino games as this 5-reel, 3-row, and 15-line video slot joins Net Entertainment’s branded content portfolio featuring Creature from the Black Lagoon, South Park, Scarface, and Frankenstein. Aliens has been created in cooperation with 20th Century Fox, one of the reason why real-time 3D graphics could be used, including scenes so recognisable for the movie, that was showed in the cinemas in 1986, directed by James Cameron.

Aliens theme

I can promise that the moment you open the Aliens video slot, you’ll be plunged deep into space, into the dark world of Aliens. This game offers you a tense time on the reels as you scan infested premises for Alien activity, while shooting through waves of Alien attacks to reach the Queen Hive. Before you can reach the Queen Hive, you have two other levels to fight yourself through: Level 1,The Search, and Level 2, The Encounter. After you’ve managed to survive these two, you’ll send through to the third and last level, The Hive. And each one passed sets the scene for potentially huge wins. If all stages have been passed, you’ll be awarded 240(!) times your bet, and with that a massive bonus win for killing the Queen.

That’s all great of course, but what makes this game even more great, is the cutting edge design, one you’ve never seen before in a Netent video slot game. This all became possible thanks to the cooperation with 20th Century Fox, using original characters and fragments from the movie, captured in all new 3D graphics and animations. Play Aliens, and you’ll experience first-hand the view from the Marine’s helmet camera, while the brooding soundtrack adds to the claustrophobic atmosphere, creating high level tension while spinning the reels.

Betting options

Not only can you expect a seriously amazing design when opening Aliens, there will also be plenty of betting options available. While older video slots in a Netent Casino offer you the chance to adjust the amount of bet lines, Aliens doesn’t allow you to. But believe me when I say you don’t want to anyway as a minimum bet if 0.15 is perfect for low rollers or players who just like to play for fun. If you are one of these players enjoying higher bets, I’m sure a maximum bet of 150.00 will do for you, although the seven different coin values and 10 bet levels do offer a wide range of betting options in between.

Wild Substitution

Just as any other video slot designed by Net Entertainment, also Aliens is offering a Wild symbol, substituting for the highest possible winning combination on a bet line, while creating more chances to win in general. Wild symbols appear in the main game, as well as in the levels one and two. All great, but let’s be honest, this game isn’t about the Wild symbols, it’s all about the three levels you have to fight yourself through, even if a gory end is the result.

Level 1: The Search

In this level it’s all about scanning the infested premises for Alien activity, which can be followed on the Alien Activity Meter. You’ll be collecting symbols which will be added to the Alien Activity Meter with the aim to complete all nine steps this meter is about. Successfully completing level 1: The Search, with the highest Multipliers, will set you up for huge wins in level 2: The Encounter.

Level 2: The Encounter

This time the aim is to survive the waves of Alien attacks, as there will be no other way to reach the Queen Hive. You have to fight your way through this second level, with only one thing to worry about, running out of ammunition. All Multipliers collected in Level 1 are transferred into Level 2. Each new spin activates a bet line win with three new symbols. Stay alert, and keep on looking for the Symbol Overlay feature, which will be combined with a Multiplier, responsible for massive wins. Ammo Clip symbols, appearing randomly in the centre position of the reel, will increase the Ammo Clip Counter, activating re-spins. The Ammo Clip Counter displays the amount of Ammo Clips available, decreasing by one with every spin and after shooting to defend against the Aliens.

Level 3: The Hive

It won’t be easy, and you will have moments you rather give up than facing the Queen Hive, but those not giving, in will be rewarded for their courage, while excitement is an understatement entering this last level. The Hive gives instant rewards with five re-spins, while completing each step on the Hive Health Meter gives guaranteed wins. Though the win you will go for playing the Aliens video slot is the one of x240, awarded when when the Queen is killed and the Hive is successfully destroyed.

This branded video slot, so perfectly well designed by Net Entertainment, can actually be called a game and video slot in one. Level one is definitely a video slot game, but Level 2 on the other hand looks like a mix of a bonus game and a video slot, while level 3 is offering the best bonus game designed by Netent. Looking for an exciting game to play, I can assure you Aliens is going to give you what you’re looking for. Aliens isn’t only about remarkable real-time 3D graphics and innovative features, it has so much more to offer, making Aliens the best Netent game so far.