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Archangels: Salvation™

Play Archangels: Salvation for real!

If looking for salvation, I’m not sure if the Archangels: Salvation™ slot can help out, but it’s for sure a NetEnt slot worth playing and who knows it does bring what you’re looking for.

Good and evil, heaven and hell, right and wrong, that’s what the Archangels: Salvation™ slot is all about. Which side are you on? Is it the charming archangel that you would love to have on your side or is it the intimidating devil that attracts your attention? Is good what you’re aiming for or are you a rebel and is it the dark side you decide to go for?

Whatever side it is, we’re talking about a video slot here which simply means it doesn’t matter anyway. In the case of the Archangels: Salvation™ slot, both heaven and hell can bring good things. So basically, there’s a bigger chance that good things will happen thanks to the two hot spot areas. The top hot spot areas play an important role and any Wild symbol landing in those areas will activate one of the two Wild Features.

Become part of a constant battle between good and bad in the Archangels: Salvation™ slot, the first game in NetEnt’s history to have 100 bet lines. You’ll be treated impressive 3D graphics while Free Spins, Wild substitutions, and the two Wild Features are also adding to an exciting slot experience.

The Archangel vs the Devil

If we have a look at the Greek word ἀρχάγγελος, most of us probably just see some symbols and nothing makes sense I guess unless I tell you that the word means arch + angel which literally means chief angel or angel of origin. So an archangel is basically an angel of high rank.

We all know that the devil stands for evil with a letter d added to the word. Or maybe it comes from the Greek word διάβολος, diábolos, which means slanderer or accuser.

Now what to expect from the good in the Archangels: Salvation™ slot and what to expect from the devil? Well, the Archangel surely looks a lot friendlier than the devil and I even feel slightly intimidated by this last creature. Luckily, you have nothing to fear while playing this distinctive video slot which offers a completely new game in which nothing is standard.

Gameplay Archangels: Salvation™ slot

The Archangels: Salvation™ slot is everything but a standard video slot with its 100 bet lines and two hot spot areas. Opening this game at one of the many NetEnt Casinos, you’ll directly notice the exceptional 6 reels and 12 rows of which the top two rows are reserved for the Archangel and the two bottom rows are possessed by the devil.

The archangel can be found on the left side of the game (heaven) while the devil himself has taken over the right side (hell) of the game. This results in a constant battle between the two with you in the middle of it.

NetEnt is known for its cutting-edge graphics and managed again to create two impressive characters for both the archangel and the devil. The archangel will be surrounded by a magical light while the colours of fire are matching the devil’s appearance.

Betting options

With 6 reels, 12 rows and an incredible 100 bet lines, the Archangel: Salvation™ slot is no standard game. It’s because of the 100 fixed bet lines, that bets won’t go lower than 0.40 per spin. Higher than usual, it is worth as the game offers a special gameplay and doesn’t look like a typical video slot. The maximum bet is 200.00 which we’ve seen more often. Looking for a bit somewhere in between, the 10 levels and six coin values will help you find the perfect bet.

Archangels: Salvation™ slot features

The Archangels: Salvation™ slot is the first NetEnt slot to offer two hot spot areas of which the archangel’s hot spot can be found at the top of the game and the devil’s area at the bottom. These areas will be two rows each during the main game while both spots become three rows during Free Spins.

These two hot spot areas are definitely adding to a special video slot experience. From the first spin, you’ll be hoping to find the 2×2 Wild symbol in the hot spot areas as this is the one way to activate a Wild feature. Each of the areas has its own Wild Feature. The Archangel, as part of the top hot spot area, activates the Heaven Feature while the devil, belonging to the bottom hot spot area, activates the Hell Feature.

For a Wild feature to be activated, the 2×2 Wild must land, completely or partially, on the reels in a hot spot area. If the 2×2 Wild lands completely in the hot spot area, the Wild feature is activated 4 times. Meanwhile, all Wild symbols substitute for other symbols except Scatters.

Heaven Feature

Activated when the 2×2 Wild symbol lands in the top hot spot, the Heaven Feature promises a lot of extra Wilds. If the 2×2 Wild lands partially in the top hot spot area, two stacks of Wild symbols are generated. If the 2×2 Wild lands completely in this same hot spot area, a great number of four stacks of Wild symbols are generated. All of these stacks will be between 3 or 5 symbols.

Hell Feature

The Hell Feature is activated when the 2×2 Wild lands fully or partially in the bottom hot spot area. Once activated, the hell area starts shooting singleton Wild symbols out there, landing randomly on the reels. If the 2×2 Wild lands fully in this evil area, 16 singleton Wilds will appear while 8 singleton Wilds will be shot if the 2×2 Wild symbol landed partially in the hot spot.

Free Spins

Last, but certainly not least, there’s the Free Spins feature, activated when three or more Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels. The Scatter symbol appears as a stack of two symbols, however it counts as one Scatter. If only a part of the stack is visible, it will still count as a whole Scatter symbol. If 3, 4, 5, or 6 Scatters appear, you’ll be awarded 10, 15, 20, or 25 Free Spins respectively.