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Cash Noire™

Play Cash Noire for real!

It takes a special kind of crazy to step into the shadows of NetEnt’s most favourite detective, Jack Hammer™! But Tom Flint is going to give it a try in Cash Noire™, NetEnt latest crime-themed slot launched halfway 2020.

Enter into the world of Crime fiction from the moment you start the Cash Noire™ slot.

Follow Flint through the winding city streets of San Cayetano! He’s after the criminal behind the Green Ace Murders that took place in the Cat’s Eye bar in town. The city has never been the same ever since. Is Tom Flint finally going to solve the Green Ace murders?

Cash Noire™ Facts

Type of GameVideo Slot
Min. bet£0.20
Max. bet£200
Bonus gameYes
Wild symbolsYes
Max. win5,000X
Cash Noir Facts

San Cayetano’s infamous cold case

The Green Ace murders took place in the Cat’s Eye bar in San Cayetano. The locals know the bar for its illegal card games. Even though games became heated at times with arguments as a result, they were often solved with some name-calling or a fistfight.

Not on the night of the Green Ace murders, though. The course of Cat’s Eye bar changed that night and so did the history of San Cayetano. It all started as a usual night, but ended up with a stabbed man’s dead body slumped back in his chair.  The only clue left behind was a Green Ace card. He tucked this only piece of proof neatly between his teeth.

Lola Leclair, the owner of the Cat’s Eye, ended up as one of the suspects when she tried to cover up the murder. She tried to protect her business. But she knew it was game over when another body was found in Cat’s Eye Bar…. and another.

The case wasn’t about the Green Ace murder any more, but about the Green Ace murders. Unfortunately, San Cayetano’s infamous cold case was never solved.

But there’s a new detective in town! Tom Flint takes his chance to dig into the case once again, with local criminal Pit Viper as the main suspect. After all, he was there on the night of the first murder.

Cash Noire™ slot's main game

Time to solve a murder in Cash Noire™!

It’s time to collect clues during a ride through the winding city streets of San Cayetano. All clues are locked, but with each spin you come closer to the real action!

We won’t see Jack Hammer back in the Cash Noire™ slot, but the game does introduce another fearless detective. There’s a new detective hero in town, and he’s working under the name Tom Flint! Determined to solve the cold case, Tom Flint tries to figure out what happened that night. The case that left the city in darkness for too long!

The crime asks for a gritty, wise-cracking detective like Tom Flint! He’s ready to step into the shadows of the unsolved Green Ace murders and in the crime-ridden underworld of San Cayetano.

Collect clues to enter into Free Spins. Here you can chase down a mysterious criminal through the winding city streets of San Cayetano… ! 

Betting options

Cash Noire™ offers a min bet of 0.20 and a maximum bet of 200. As is the case with newer NetEnt slots, this crime-themed slot offers around 40 bet coins instead of coin values and bet levels.

This low volatility video slot is a great game for any type of player that doesn’t ask for high volatility. Yet, you still have a chance to win 1033 times your bet.

Cash Noire™ Expanding Crime Zone

Cash Noire™ Crime Zone

Set in a dark room, this is the place you collect clues in The Cash Noire™ slot game. These clues will bring Tom Flint closer to solving the crime. There’s a mysterious woman smoking next to the reels. Maybe we’ll find out what her role in the murder case is. But for now, let’s focus on the Crime Zone first.

Of course the Cat’s Eye bar is the true crime zone in the Green Ace Murders. But in Cash Noire™  it’s the red pattern that serves as the Crime Zone. This zone has a very important role to play in this crime-themed video slot.

The Crime Zone appears in every initial spin and has an initial size of 3 symbols. Each winning combination activates more clues and more clues make the Crime Zone expand.

What is the Cash Noire™ Clue List?

The Clue List is some sort of Free Spins Meter. They involve the clues you activate through winning combination during a series of consecutive wins.

The more clues are activated, the closer you get to the Free Spins feature. It’s during the Free Spins feature you’ll chase the main suspect, thought of to be responsible for the Green Ace Murders.

Winning combinations in Cash Noire™ activate clues from the Clue List. The clues result in the Crime Zone to expand:

-3 to 6 clues are activated, the Crime Zone expands to 4 symbols
-7 or more clues will expand the Crime Zone into 5 symbols
– 13 or more clues activate the Free Spins feature

Cash Noir video slot Free Spins activation

Mystery Symbol transformations

The Crime Zone is a great addition and the main reason you enjoy a truly unique gameplay. To make the Crime Zone even more interesting, NetEnt added the Mystery Symbol.

The Mystery symbol is there to save you from a no-win situation. This means that when there’s no winning combination during a spin, a Mystery symbol is placed on the reels randomly. Two things can happen:

  • The Mystery symbol it lands outside the crime zone, it transforms into a regular random symbol
  • The Mystery symbol lands inside the crime zone, reveals a random symbol that clones itself throughout all the symbols within the Crime Zone.
Cash Noir slot Free Spins

It’s time for a City Chase! (Free Spins)

When you manage to collect all the clues with an uninterrupted series of winning combinations, the Free Spins feature opens. It’s time to chase the suspect in order to solve the unsolved murders!

Initially, you receive 6 Free Spins. But follow Tom Flint during his chase through the city to unlock new Free Spins and Multipliers.

The Crime Zone will now involve 5 symbols for better winning chances. Every winning symbol inside the Crime Zone moves you closer to your mysterious target.

City Chase Map

Next to the reels, the Cash Noire™ slot displays a City Chase map. This map also serves as a meter. This time to show the progression of the Multiplier and Extra Free Spins.

Winning Symbols in the Crime Zone unlock a certain number of locations on City Chase Map. Every time the car reaches 13 locations, you’ll hit 2 Extra Free Spins.

The Multiplier starts at x1 but climbs up after every 7 locations. After 7 locations, the Multiplier climbs up to x2 etc. When you reach the final location on the City Chase Map, the case is closed and Tom Flint got his man! You then reached a Multiplier of x10 with another 3 Free Spins awarded.

Cash Noire™ FAQ

The RTP of Cash Noire™ is 96.06%.
The minimum bet is €/£/$ 0.20 and the maximum is €/£/$ 200.00.
The maximum win on Cash Noire™ is 5000 times your bet and can be chased during the Free Spins feature with a Multiplier of x10.
Yes, Cash Noire™ offers a few special features with the Free Spins as its special bonus game. Follow the bad guy through the city and unlock new Free Spins and Multipliers.
Cash Noire™ offers 1,024 bet ways.
Yes, if you do not live in a restricted country
Cash Noire™ offers low volatility