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Play Emojiplanet for real!

Two branded slots launched in just a few months time, that sounds like NetEnt. Both branded slots, Emojiplanet™ and Planet of the Apes™, were announced at ICE 2017 after which it took the company a few months to release the first of the two. Developed and designed in cooperation with Global Merchandising Services & The emoji Company, the party started with the Emojiplanet Video Slot™ released in August.

Emojis, you must ❤💔🎉💣😍😈 them!

What many don’t know is that emojis were initially created by Japanese mobile operators. The first emoji was created in 1998 or 1999 in Japan by Shigetaka Kurita. Little did he know that these mini faces and graphics were going to change the way we communicate forever, taking part in our conversations daily.

Some love them ❤️ and some hate them 💔! I have a serious love-hate relationship with emojis and I’m sure I’m not the only one. No matter how much you love them or hate them, it’s an irreversible fact that they have become a huge part of our lives and they are here to stay.

In a message or text, emojis have the ability to intensify feelings of happiness, joy, and love, as well as sadness, anger or even grief. Used the right way, they can be a lot of fun, but when used wrong you can end up in tricky situations. They are as powerful as you let them be! Overall, I believe they are a great addition to our conversations. Blessed with a healthy portion of sarcasm, I am forever grateful for this bunch of crazy emojis 😋😜😝😛 helping me out whenever I need them to.

We all use them and it’s because of this that Emoji® is one of the best-known and frequently used brands in the world. As a market leader, Emojis is a perfect fit with NetEnt. Emojis have become a language in their own right and it was hard for NetEnt to think of a more collectively familiar and loved brand to partner up with. This resulted in another high-quality game; for the first time entirely developed and designed with a mobile first approach for a superb experience whether playing at home or on the go.

What I thought at first and why I changed my mind

First I have to admit that I became rather spoiled over the past years, blaming NetEnt for that as it’s this company that has been launching so many high-quality slots in the past years including Aliens™, Guns N’ Roses™, Jimi Hendrix™, the memorable video slot Starburst™, and many more!

So when at ICE 2017 NetEnt shared the news it was going to launch the Emojiplanet Video Slot™ slot further on in 2017, I was full of expectations. My expectations turned out to be so high that I was rather disappointed when the preview video came available. I expected 3D graphics and animations as the video was about to be released right after the summer launch of the anticipated feature film, The Emoji Movie. You can’t blame me – and my imagination – for going wild!

Once the preview video was launched, I didn’t notice any 3D graphics on the reels and my talking emojis were missing as well. Instead, I simply saw a 6×5 grid with some of the most popular, though pretty standard, smileys. Not really what I was expecting and I didn’t see the intro until the Emojiplanet™ slot was exclusively released at Mr Green Casino three weeks before the official game launch.

“This 5-reel, 6-row video slot uses the Cluster Pays™ mechanics, where emojis cascade down in an Avalanche™.”

Reading the above, I should have known that another great game was coming up, but I was so focused on the design that I completely missed out on a fantastic gameplay. Not much of a surprise as one can’t really experience a gameplay from a preview video.

Once the game was launched, I started to see what was going to make this a great video slot after all. What the preview video didn’t show was the intro video, introducing the world of emojis. For the first time, I’ve noticed the famous Starburst™ star and it’s typical NetEnt to think about such details. NetEnt also turned two of their characters into an emoji which is a great addition to the design. I had a lot of expectations, but I could never have guessed NetEnt introducing Mr Poo to the reels. You must love the Emojiplanet Video Slot™ for this.

Emojiplanet™ slot features

Not enriched with any 3D emoji characters or other high-quality animations, it’s obvious the Emojiplanet Video Slot™ has been created with a focus on the gameplay. It’s therefore that players can enjoy a gameplay that differs from the standard NetEnt slots. To get to this remarkable gameplay, NetEnt used two of its best video slot mechanics, the Cluster Pays™ mechanics in combination with the super popular Avalanche™ technique.

It’s because of the above mechanics and five slot features NetEnt managed to build up the excitement. With the help of the Cluster Pays™ mechanic and Avalanche™ technique, you’ll be able to collect emojis in order to activate the five exciting Emoji Features: the Bomb feature💣, Pizza feature🍕, Kiss Mark feature💋, the Rocket feature🚀, and the Two Hearts feature💕.

Two of the best video slot mechanics and five slot features is what makes the Emojiplanet™ a game that can’t be ignored, but let’s not forget to mention the Wild which can appear anywhere and substitute for any of the symbols. That’s how the Wild cookie should crumble! 😉

Bomb Feature
Eight random symbols on the reels will be destroyed and a random coin win of between 5 and 100 times your bet level will be awarded for each destroyed symbol.

Pizza Feature
When the Pizza Feature is activated, a 3×3 overlay of a random symbol, except for the Wild symbol, randomly appears on the reels.

Kiss Mark Feature
When the Kiss Mark Feature is activated, 3 Sticky Wild symbols, substituting for all symbols, randomly appear and remain on the reels. Each Sticky Wild symbol has 3 lives. Whenever a Sticky Wild symbol is a part of one or more simultaneous winning combinations, it loses a life. When all 3 lives are lost, the Sticky Wild symbol disappears.

Rocket Feature
When the Rocket Feature is activated, a stack of 10 Wild symbols appears on and above one of the reels creating a winning combination. In each next Avalanche, new Wild symbols from the stack land on the reels until no more Wild symbols remain in the stack.

Two Hearts Feature
The Two Hearts Feature is only activated when there are no more winning combinations and no more other Emoji Features to be activated. When the Two Hearts Feature is activated, the total win is multiplied by the number of times the meter is filled up plus one.