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Evolution™ (EOL)

This game is End of Life but feel free to read about it here

Evolution takes you back to the origins of life as we know it, into a world filled with primitive creatures crawling up the evolutionary ladder. If you were undecided about how humanity became what we are today, Evolution could help you with that.

Who thought that a video slot could help you organizing some puzzle pieces in life. Obviously, with the help of advanced animations available on the five reels.

Experience the dawn of life in the Evolution slot. It definitely deserves some credits for the 3D graphics. The innovative symbols come alive during the game.

A whole new world

Get drawn into another world and go back in time to a place beyond imagination. Even if we try our very best since it is difficult to handle for the human brain.

Just as the infinity of the universe, we have troubles with the evolution of the humans. But as with everything, it has to start somewhere. If we believe the designers of NetEnt, it all started underwater with some extraordinary combinations between existing animals.

The symbols in Evolution show single, amoeba-like, cells transforming constantly. The other creature on the five reels in Evolution form a nice mixture of recent animals, combined with mythological animal parts. A nice combination if you ask me.

The background in the first section of the slot is sharp. It features a slowly revolving light from above while soothing sounds reinforce the sensations of being underwater. Once you trigger Free Spins, you find yourself in a new and beautiful world. It’s time for another great experience.

Betting options

While offering a total amount of 25 bet lines, you could choose to play with only one as a this is the only way to bet with the minimum amount of 0.01 per bet.

Seems interesting if you don’t want to take any risk, but I do recommend to play with the maximum amount of 25 bet lines, creating many more winning possibilities.

If you would like to play with a higher bet, you can either choose to increase the bet level or the coin value. With 10 different levels and six coin values you can increase your total bet up to 125.00. In between, there are many betting options available in a plurality of different currencies depending on the Netent Casino you choose to play.

Evolution features

Evolution is definitely different as it offers a different gaming experience. The reels spin from bottom to top rather than the traditional top to bottom.

In addition, this video slot is alive constantly as symbols keep moving. Even when the reels stop and a winning combination forms, the symbols start to evolve.

Of course, there is a Wild as well which appears on the last four reels and substitutes for all symbols except Free Spin symbol. Three or more Free Spin symbols appearing anywhere on the reels will activate 10, 15 or 20 Free Spins, depending the amount of Free Spin symbols.

Activate Free Spins for you to end up in an additional game world and big wins can start rolling into in your account due to the Evolution feature.

Evolution feature

The new Evolution feature, another great innovation invented by NetEnt because of their vast history and knowledge in slots, allows players to evolve up the evolutionary ladder during Free Spins.

The Evolution feature activates during Free Spins by winning symbol combinations and starts after the payout. Following this payout, all symbols involved in the winning combination, and all identical symbols on the reels, will evolve to the next symbol level, excluding Wild symbols.

When simultaneous wins on different winning symbol combinations occur, these winning symbols evolve to the next symbol level independently of each other.

The reels remain the same until a new winning symbol combination occurs or until no Free Spins left. Once this moment is there, you are thrown back down to the original world while you witness a genuine and exciting meteor crash.

Evolutionary video slot

The sophisticated graphics and sounds, together with colourful animations which keep on evolving add excitement on the reels and provide an entertaining and exciting gaming experience. It’s totally understandable the Evolution video slot is a special slot as it offers many innovations. For example, the reverse reels and the evolutionary ladder during Free Spins. Are you ready to give up what you think you know about the concepts of evolution itself?