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Fisticuffs™ (EOL)

This game is End of Life but feel free to read about it here

Although fighting in general has a bad reputation, we can’t ignore it’s part of life. We don’t know better or we have been fighting, in ancient times, during world wars and in the ring. I totally agree the world would look much better without wars and fights going on, day in and day out, but we have to be fair, that’s not going to happen and so we have to make the best of it. I detested fighting in every kind of way, until that day my friends took me to a fight arena, filled with the testosterone, and oh my I remember that day like it was yesterday.

My friends where training Muay Thai, something I could not really understand as a girl, until the moment I was surrounded by a cloud of testosterone. It didn’t take long after the fight began, or I caught myself getting excited about the fights going on that night and the exact moment I shouted “sissy fight” out loud, although embarrassing myself in front of the crowd, I knew I was sold! Nowadays I train Muay Thai myself as it makes you stronger, both physically and mentally, something people don’t realise while judging the sport. I also visit fight nights on a regular base, although the atmosphere these days is “slightly” different than you would think when playing Fisticuffs, although the principles of the game are still the same.

Fisticuffs shows how it was when women where still behind the cookers taking care of the baby, while the husbands where watching fisticuffs as this was a favourite pastime for gentlemen. Fisticuffs takes you back in time, into a boxing arena in the early 1900s, when boxing was still for gentlemen only and the fighters were not layabouts nor lollygaggers and they required neither padding nor special equipment. Fighting with bare knuckles, that’s what a fisticuff looked like in that time. Besides that, in that time fighters didn’t really care about cups and belts, as fisticuffs where often used to sort out minor scuffles and soufflés. Fisticuffs where at the order of the day, and some experts believe they even where the highlight of the day.

The fight

While playing Fisticuffs you get the chance to experience an old fashioned Fisticuff, including the atmosphere and that cloud of testosterone I was talking about before. And while waiting for the action to start, folks are cheering, the lights get back on and that moment the bell rings, I’m sure you’ll get excited too. The two fighters form a big part of a very well designed video slot, even though no 3D graphics have been used by Net Entertainment as we’ve seen in Aliens, Evolution and EggOMatic. Why not? Because it simply doesn’t fit the Fisticuffs theme. The slightly faded retro symbols, as used on the reels, according to the time the fisticuffs took place, fit the theme much better. They make this game to what it is, one of the best designed video slots available at the many Netent Casinos. And no fight without the stool, the belt, the boxing shoes and the cup for the winner, even though it was all about honor in that time.

The moment the bell’s ringing, punches fly around when two boxers appear on the reels. It’s the start of the Boxing feature, one of the few features Netent included in this Fisticuffs video slot game. But who is longing for bonus games, Free Spins and other features, while being entertained with boxing games? In the end it’s all about the winnings right, and with a theoretical return to player of 96.7%, this should not be a problem playing Fisticuffs.

Betting options

With a maximum bet of 200.00, Fisticuffs will definitely do good business with high rollers, but don’t worry if you’re an average player. With 10 levels and seven different coin values, you have hundreds of betting combinations to choose from. No matter if a small player or a high roller, Fisticuffs is for everyone, unless of course you are like me before my heart got stolen by the fight sport.

Boxing feature

Unlike most video slots created by Net Entertainment Fisticuffs offers a special Wild feature activated when the Diagonal Wild symbol and the Straight Wild symbol appear next to each other, no matter if horizontally or diagonally on the reels. This Wild feature is also known as the Boxing feature, the feature Fisticuffs is all about, because the moment both boxers appear next to each other, an old fashioned fisticuff will be the result. No matter what the outcome of the fight is, the moment symbols get in between the two fighters, they will turn into new Wild symbols. These Wilds remain on the reels for another re-spin, the moment Stacked Wilds can make an appearance responsible for extra nice winnings.

Wilds features

Straight Wilds, Diagonal Wilds, and Stacked Wilds are quite common in Fisticuffs and although no Free Spins or bonus games involved, the Boxing feature is good enough to make this game as exciting as it is, allowing you to enjoy this brilliant retro designed video slot and the many fisticuffs you will be witnessing. No matter if you choose the desktop game or the Fisticuffs Touch game available in the mobile casinos. And if you like video slots involving some history, you can also try other retro designed history based video slots like Muse and Victorious.