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Play Gods of Gold Infinreels for real!

Enter into the tomb of an ancient pharaoh, whose ghost guards riches beyond your wildest dreams. The Gods of Gold INFINIREELS™ slot brings you infinite betting ways and much more. There’s no doubt that this game is all about the INFINIREELS feature, introduced in this NetEnt slot.

The undead Pharaoh is trapped in the treasure chamber of the ancient Babylonian temple. To live again and reclaim his fortune, he must collect all the god idols. It’s time to go on a quest for life and gold!

NetEnt continues to innovate and the INFINIREELS slot feature is yet another innovation in slot development from the Swedish game supplier. NetEnt’s development skills are infinite and the infinite betting ways in the Gods of Gold INFINIREELS™ slot brings you the proof!

Gods of Gold slot
Gods of Gold INFINIREELS™ main game

Gods of Gold INFINIREELS™ Facts

Type of GameVideo Slot
Min. bet£0.20
Max. bet£200
Bonus gameYes
Wild symbolsYes
Max. win25,000X
Gods of Gold INFINIREELS Facts

How does the Gods of Gold INFINIREELS™ slot start?

I’m soon going to introduce the INFINIREELS feature, but before this slot feature comes in the picture, all you have is 3×3 reels. That’s how the Gods of Gold™ slot start. However, it won’t be long before these 3 reels become infinite reels!

Of course, infinite reels don’t exist, because we players would become the rich ones and not the online casinos. That’s just not how it works, but here’s the deal! You start with 3×3 reels and every time you have a winning combination, you’ll have a chance for the reels to become infinite!

I can promise that it won’t take long for the 3 reels to become 4 reels. And the 4 reels to become 5 reels, but I can’t promise them to become infinite. It doesn’t matter, though. In the end, it’s the excitement that counts!

infinireels feature
Gods of Gold INFINIREELS feature activated

What is the INFINIREELS feature?

The INFINIREELS feature is the latest innovation in slots development. Usually, video slots have bet lines or a certain number of bet ways to win. Thanks to the INIFINIREELS feature, there are no bet lines at all and no maximum number linked to the number of bet ways. You start the game with 3 by 3 reels and more reels appear with each consecutive win. As long as the INFINIREELS feature is going, the reel configuration keeps growing and growing!

The Gods of Gold INFINIREELS™ slot starts with a 3×3 layout that offer an attractive 27 betways already. With one extra reel, the 27 betways will be multiplied by 3 which already results in 81 betways, etc. This continues until no new consecutive wins occur. The game will then jump back to 3×3 reels for a new round.

The Gods of Gold™ slot is the first video slot that introduces with the INFINIREELS feature. Many also know the games as the Gods of Gold INFINIREELS™ slot.

Never did I see an infinite computer screen and that’s why we see the first reels disappear from the left of the screen. NetEnt realizes that there’s only a few with a photographic memory and came up with a solution to keep track of the INFINIREELS. Keep reading to find out more about NetEnt’s solution to keep track of the INFINIREELS.

What’s with the undead Pharaoh in Gods of Gold INFINIREELS™?

The game starts with a tomb that has been unearthed in what was once the Kingdom of Mesopotamia. In that tomb, an undead Pharaoh is trapped within the treasure chamber of an ancient Babylonian temple. His ghost guards riches beyond your wildest dreams, but to live again and reclaim his fortune, he must collect all the god idols.

The game takes you deep beneath the ancient Kingdom of Mesopotamia, inside the tomb of the undead Pharaoh. It’s up to you to help the ghost collect the god idols to bring him back to life!

The Gods of Gold INFINIREELS™ slot is full of magic and mystery and all manner of treasure! Time to explore the tomb to look for treasures and help the Pharaoh to collect the god idols.

Betting options

Gods of Gold INFINIREELS™ is a highly volatile game, loved by experienced players. If you’re not an experienced player, do not let the chance pass to enjoy an exciting and adventurous video slot. You can’t miss the infinite bet ways and a minimum bet of 0.20 is fair, even for beginners. After all, a 0.20 spin can end up in an infinite series of new reels and with that new winnings. A pretty good investment if you ask me.

For the experienced players, a maximum bet of 200.00 is available. The bet levels used for so many years now become less common. Instead, NetEnt added 26 coin values to get to your preferred bet.

Gods of Gold Infinireels slot feature

Gods of Gold INFINIREELS™ slot features

With the INFINIREELS feature explained at the beginning of the article, it’s time to have a look at the remaining slot features available in the Gods of Gold INFINIREELS™ slot.

The INFINIREELS feature is the main attraction in the Gods of Gold™ slot, there’s no doubt about it. Things can always get better, though, by adding a Wild, for example, and Re-Spins, Multi-Slams, Free Spins, and Free Spins Retrigger.

Gods of Gold Infinireels slot Re-spins feature
Gods of Gold INFINIREELS slot Re-spins feature

Wilds, Re-Spins, Multi-Slams, and Free Spins

While a winning combination is needed to keep the INFINIREELS feature alive, a reel can bring along a Wild. If no corresponding symbols are triggered to continue the INFINIREELS feature, the Wild comes to the rescue. The Wild symbol can substitute for any of the symbols, except Scatters. It will then substitute the active symbol for the INFINIREELS feature to continue. Wild also count towards the number of active symbols collected.

In the above image, you see how the undead Pharaoh shows up for the reels to spin again. When the game cannot create a new winning combination, a Re-Spin can save the day. The slot awards Re-Spins completely random.

During a win, the Multi-slam feature can add 2-3 reels at a time. A Multi-slam always guarantees a win.

Three or more Scatter Star symbols activate 10 Win Spins. During the Free Spins feature, Pharaoh’s ghost will grant you a guaranteed win for each Spin. Meanwhile, during the main game and during the Free Spins feature, you’ll have a Wild and Re-spins at your disposal.


How do you keep track of the INFINIREELS feature?

The fact that there are infinite reels simply means that the game is offering infinite betways. During the INFINIREELS feature, reels will be added just until no new combinations are created.

As soon as more than six reels are available, your screen becomes too small. Like me, you’re probably don’t have a photographic memory. So can you keep track of the number of reels activated after the reels start to disappear?

Of course, they won’t be lost as NetEnt came up with the Minimap. The counter at the right bottom of the screen is showing you the active symbols collected and the number of reels that passed so far!

In the above image, you see the Minimap showing the active green rubies. The Minimap also registers the Wilds and Scatters.


The RTP of Gods of Gold INFINIREELS™ is 96.21%.
The minimum bet is €/£/$ 0.20 and the maximum is €/£/$ 200.00.
The max win in Gods of Gold INFINIREELS™ is basically unlimited. However, NetEnt capped the max win at 25,000 x your bet during the Win Spins feature.
Yes, Gods of Gold INFINIREELS™ offers the Win Spin feature.
Yes, the majority of the NetEnt Casinos allow you to play for free, unless you live in a restricted country.
Gods of Gold INFINIREELS™ offers medium to high volatility.
Gods of Gold INFINIREELS™ offers infinite betways.