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Guns N’ Roses™

Play Guns and Roses for real!

Let’s start from the very beginning, the day I went to London to visit ICE 2015 where NetEnt was going to have its yearly showcase. It was the year before the Aliens™ slot was announced, so my expectations were pretty high I have to admit. Before the actual showcase started, NetEnt’s CEO Per Eriksson made a promise it was going to be very special. What was promised, came true indeed as the showcase was presenting one of the most legendary bands ever: Guns N’ Roses!

This was in February 2015 and while I’m writing this slot review, it is January 2016 already. This means almost a year has passed before the actual Guns N’ Roses video slot™ was released by NetEnt. Good work needs time and I rather wait a bit longer to get the very best! Now the Guns N’ Roses video slot™ has been launched I can promise you the best of the best and I’m not only talking about the legendary songs you can choose from while playing this incredible NetEnt slot.

About Guns N’ Roses

Before I’m going to give you an extended review of the Guns N’ Roses video slot™, launched in January 2016, I do feel the need to tell you a bit more about the ugly, misogynistic, violent band members that together formed Guns N’ Roses of who is said they can also be funny, vulnerable, and occasionally sensitive as well.

Formed in Los Angeles in the mid-80’s, a period that was mainly dominated by dance music and pop-metal, William “Axl” Rose and guitarist Jeff Isbell aka Izzy Stradlin, who had been in a band together called Hollywood Rose, teamed up with some members of L.A. Guns to start a new group. Eventually, none of the L.A. Guns members remained and they were replaced by guitarist Saul Hudson aka Slash, bassist Michael Andrew “Duff” McKagan, and Steven Adler. Even though no L.A. Guns members were left, the new formation brought some raw rock & roll into the world as Guns N’ Roses. They became legends and one of the biggest bands of all time, selling more than 100 million records worldwide while the group created six number one albums and six number one singles. These and the top 10 singles cemented the band’s place as a heavily influential and permanent member of rock and roll history.

Guns N’ Roses are known as uncompromising, tempestuous, explosive, controversial and far from predictable. Who doesn’t remember their confrontational sound and attitude, the dueling guitar riffs of Slash and rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin, the loose but powerful sounds of bassist Duff and drummer Steven Adler while temperamental frontman and lead vocalist William “Axl” Rose screeched out his tales of sex, drugs, and apathy. It’s claimed that with Guns n’ Roses rock music rediscovered its edge, rage and sense of danger ranking alongside hard-rock bands such as Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, and AC/DC, shocking the world.

The American band’s success started with their debut album Appetite for Destruction which gained the band world notoriety resulting in a number-one position on the Billboard 200. Approximately 30 million copies of Appetite for Destruction were sold worldwide, making it the best-selling debut album of all time in the United States. This success was followed by the second album G N’ R Lies that was brought out in 1988 and reached number two on the Billboard 200. Use Your Illusion I was the first of two albums released in conjunction with theUse Your Illusion Tour, the other being Use Your Illusion II. Both were launched in 1991 and sold combined 35 million copies worldwide. The cover album “The Spaghetti Incident?”, released in 1993, was the band’s last studio album to feature Slash and McKagan. Between 1993 and 2008 no new studio albums were released but after some hard work and several lineup changes, the long-awaited album Chinese Democracy became available also known as the most expensive rock album ever produced in music history. Guns N’ Roses’ music was basic and gritty, with a solid hard, bluesy base; they were dark, sleazy, dirty, and honest — everything that good hard rock and heavy metal should be.

Guns N’ Roses Jukebox

Something tells me I’ve missed out on what can be seen as one of the best music era’s ever as Guns N’ Roses was accompanied by other legendary bands such as Queen, Duran Duran, AC/DC, U2, Metallica and more. I can only hope that after the premiere of the Guns N’ Roses video slot™, many more music bands will be contracted for a NetEnt slot. At the moment of writing, I’m listening, well actually shouting along, the music of Paradise City, a Guns N’ Roses songs used for the Guns N’ Roses video slot™. A good start if you ask me because there will be four more Guns N’ Roses songs available. While another Guns N’ Roses video slot™ has to be developed to bring more hits like Don’t Cry, Civil War, Patience, and Estranged, you can choose between some of the biggest hits in the history of rock music.

Paradise City was written one night when the Guns N’ Roses members were driving home from a gig, drinking and playing acoustic guitars. Instantly appealing and memorable, Paradise City just can’t be missed when picking a song from the Jukebox available while playing Guns N’ Roses video slot™.

One of the songs used for NetEnt’s showcase at ICE 2015 and preview video on its official YouTube channel Welcome to the Jungle got pretty stuck in my head in the time I was writing the Guns N’ Roses video slot™ announcements and reviews. It was the opening song of their debut album and no better song to start an album with, the reason I didn’t mind at all it got stuck in between my brain cells. It seems Axl Rose once claimed the song was inspired by a chance encounter he had with a deranged man in New York City telling him “You in the jungle, baby! You gonna die!'” The video was originally only aired on MTV late at night, but wth the viewers loving it the video eventually became available in prime time as well.

There’s no intro as catchy as Guns N’ Roses’s Sweet Child O’ Mine and many will recognise the sounds of the band straight away. As their most accessible tune, Sweet Child O’ Mine can’t be missed in the Guns N’ Roses video slot™ Jukebox. The song was born out of a spontaneous jam the members of the band undertook very late in the sessions for their debut album Appetite for Destruction. The song was peaking at Number One on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1988 which definitely helped to take the sales of Appetite For Destruction to more than 18 million.

Released on November 23rd, 2008, Chinese Democracy is the sixth and latest studio album by Guns N’ Roses. It took the band, or actually Rose as the only original member left, 15 years to come up with a new album. Several days before its official release, Guns N’ Roses streamed the entire Chinese Democracy album on their Myspace page where it was streamed over 3 million times, breaking the Myspace record for the most streamed album ever. The song Chinese Democracy, used for the Jukebox, is one of the new songs from their last album.

I agree when a reviewer writes that simply everything about November Rain is grandiose. The first goose bumps are crawling up my arms listening to its heavily orchestrated opening featuring an array of strings and piano. The goosebumps won’t leave until the last notes have been played and words have been sung with the song gradually getting rock-oriented thanks to the recognisable Guns N’ Roses sound mainly due to Slash’s soaring guitar solos. The November Rain video clip must have been tattooed into the brain of anyone who watched MTV, especially in 1992, the year MTV played the video clip over 50,000 times.

Guns N’ Roses video slot™

It’s a shame that some bands just aren’t built to last, end even though Guns N’ Roses kept on existing, the 1992 album Use Your Illusion I is often mentioned as the band’s last masterpiece. In the same month the Guns N’ Roses video slot™ was released by NetEnt, the band’s reunion was announced as well. If a revival of world’s most talented rock band or not, with the Guns N’ Roses video slot™ available at all NetEnt Casinos I’m sure the memory the band and its brilliant music will be kept alive.

Besides the Guns N’ Roses video slot™ Jukebox bringing some of the best Guns N’ Roses hits to the NetEnt Casinos, NetEnt would never deliver such a legendary video slot without adding innovating slot features such as Legend Spins, an Appetite for Destruction Wild, a solo Multiplier, Expanding Wilds, Encore Free Spins, and a Crowd-Pleaser Game.

Of course, the reels are covered with all greatness that involves Guns N’ Roses such as the very recognisable logo, the famous roses while the most famous and it won’t take long before vocalist William “Axl” Rose enters the stage! However, there might be the chance that you lay eyes on the big and famous black and curly hairdo of lead guitarist Saul Hudson aka Slash or bassist Duff McKagan first. One thing is for sure, the Guns N’ Roses video slot™ is going to bring you all the best of Guns N’ Roses within an amazing video slot.

What to expect from the slot features?

I guess I got a bit carried away here, listening to the classic Guns N’ Roses hits, delving into the group’s history, but what about the slot features? What to expect the moment you open the Guns N’ Roses video slot™? As mentioned before, NetEnt would never release such a legendary video slot without enriching it with innovative slot features. This means you can absolutely look forward to even more greatness contributing to an exciting video slot experience. There will be a Legend Spins feature involving some of the band members, an Appetite for Destruction Wild symbol, and Bonus features that carry the theme even further with band members appearing in Encore Free Spins as Stacked symbols while the intro to the Crowd-Pleaser Bonus Game brings you a true live Guns N’ Roses experience.

Wild features

This legendary video slot will be packed with Wild features including the regular Wild, Expanding Wild and the amazing Appetite for Destruction Wild. As always, the Wilds in the Guns N’ Roses video slot™ will substitute for all symbols except Bonus Symbols. The Wild symbol can appear anywhere on the reels, and completely randomly, turning into an Expanding Wild automatically covering up the entire reel.

Random slot features

I really like Random slot features as they bring a lot of action into a video slot and you never know when they will appear. The Guns N’ Roses video slot™ is bringing you some really attractive features that will be activated randomly during the main game. While you enjoy some of Guns N’ Roses’s best hits, Legend Spins, the Appetite for Destruction Wild, and the Solo multiplier can appear any time leaving you with extra nice winnings.

Appetite for Destruction Wild
The Guns N’ Roses video slot™ experience is also going to bring you the Appetite for Destruction Wild symbol inspired by the famous cross and skulls which can be found on Guns N’ Roses’s first album, obviously called Appetite for Destruction. This particular Wild feature in the Guns N’ Roses video slot™ will bring an overlay Wild that can appear completely random on the reels. This special Wild will appear fully as a Cross or partially, but in both cases, it will substitute for any other symbol in the Guns N’ Roses video slot™, except for Bonus symbols.

Legend Spins
When activated, the Legend Spins feature will award one Stacked Wild resulting in two re-spins with two Stacked Wilds for each re-spin. These Stacked Wilds will be covering an entire reel and on each of them, you’ll find one of the band members.

Solo Multiplier
This Random feature is going to leave you with extra high winnings as the minimum Multiplier will be x4 but can also go up to x10. It will always appear on the fourth reel when there are at least three matching symbols in a winning combination.

Bonus features

When three Bonus symbols appear on the reels during the main game, one of the three Bonus features will be activated. The Guns N’ Roses video slot™ is going to surprise you over and over again as also the Bonus features will be awarded randomly thanks to the Guns N’ Roses video slot™ Bonus Wheel. Expect either Encore Free Spins, the Crowd-Pleaser Bonus Game, or a coin win.

Encore Spins
This slot feature is surely one to look out for as 10 Free Spins will be activated when the Bonus Wheel points at the Encore Spins. During Encore Free Spins some of the band members get to the stage appearing as an overlay Stacked Wild on one or more reels.

Crowd-Pleaser Bonus
When the Guns N’ Roses video slot™ Bonus Wheel sends you to the Crowd-Pleaser Bonus Game you’ll end up in a leveled Pick & Click game. This game involves a Crowd Meter and Free Spins Meter. There will be mainly coin wins which increase as the level goes up. There will also be Free Spins symbols to be awarded as well as a +1 Pick symbol. If the next level will be reached depends on the Crowd Meter while a total of three Free Spin symbols awarded during the Crowd-Pleaser Bonus game awards 10 Free Spins.

Guns N’ Roses video slot™ review

In all my enthusiasm writing about Guns N’ Roses and this legendary Guns N’ Roses video slot™ review, I believe I delivered visitors of the longest slot review ever. Well deserved as the Guns N’ Roses video slot™ easily made it to my top 3 favourite NetEnt slots bringing you a truly legendary video slot experience with all the best of Guns N’ Roses and NetEnt!

Guns N’ Roses™ FAQ

What is the RTP (Return to Player) of Guns N’ Roses™?

The RTP of Guns N’ Roses™ is 96.98%

What is the minimum and maximum bet on Guns N’ Roses™?

The minimum bet is €/£/$ 0.20 and the maximum is €/£/$ 200.00.

How does one win the maximum win on Guns N’ Roses™?

The maximum win on Guns N’ Roses™ is 375 times your bet per winline.

Does Guns N’ Roses™ offer a special bonus game?

Yes, Guns N’ Roses™ offers free spins when you get three or more Bonus symbols as well as three other random features.

How many winlines does Guns N’ Roses™ have?

Guns N’ Roses™ has a total of 20 winlines.

Can I play Guns N’ Roses™ for free?

Yes, if you do not reside in a restricted country like the UK or US.