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Kings of Chicago™ (EOL)

This game is End of Life but feel free to read about it here

If you would ask me for the most original video slot designed by Net Entertainment, I’m sure Kings of Chicago will cross my mind. It’s hard to choose though, because Net Entertainment is famous for its originality. What I can do is explain to you why Kings of Chicago would definitely be nominated, because the reason why is kind of obvious as you’ll notice it directly when opening Kings of Chicago.

This interesting game got the same 5×3 layout as any other modern video slot designed by Netent, besides a few exceptions as for example Reel Rush, Demolition Squad, and Wild Rockets, having some extra symbols on a reel. So where can you find the ‘awesomeness’ in Kings of Chicago? Well in the gameplay, because this game isn’t what it looks like when you open it. Or actually it does, because looks more like a poker game instead of a video slot. And that’s exactly what’s so fascinating about Kings of Chicago, the fact this video slot game is combined with the poker card game. Another excellent innovation from the developers at Net Entertainment, because why not combining the most popular casino game with the most popular card game.

Mixed up and combined, both games are just as fun to play, especially when enriched with amazing graphics coming straight from the 20’s. believe me when I say you’ve found yourself an original and pleasant game to play, especially when a fan of both casino games. With Kings of Chicago you are not forced to choose between video slot games and poker games. Besides that you get the best of both world, luxuriously styled and many different betting options to choose from, although the maximum bet of 50.00 isn’t the highest bet available at the Netent Casinos, it is perfect for the average casino player.

Shuffle the cards

Netent has always been dedicated to bringing a breath of fresh air into its games, and this time just a little bit different as Kings of Chicago is not a regular video slot, and that’s what I like about this game. It’s new, it’s innovative and it allows you to play on a video slot, while playing poker at the same time. What a perfect and unique blend of which I love the design as well, inspired by the early 20’s century mafia, with kings being the mafia dons. The gameplay can be called original, that’s for sure as all symbols are cards, while five bet lines are responsible for the winning combinations. Confusing in the beginning, but after just a couple of spins you’ll get used to the original gameplay. The pleasant thing about playing Kings of Chicago is that, compared to the table games, you don’t have to be familiar with poker combination, as Three of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, Straight Flush and Royal Flush will appear automatically on the reels. The only thing you have to know while playing Kings of Chicago, is where to find the spin button.

Betting options

As for the bet amounts, this originally designed video slot offers quite a decent variety. You can’t touch the amount of bet lines, which means you’ll always play with all five bet lines activated, resulting in a minimum 0.05 bet. This doesn’t count for the coin values, which enables you to pick one of various coin denominations that range from 0.01 to 1.00. This in combination with a maximum of 10 bet levels, this game provides an acceptable selection that will satisfy all playing tastes, although I’m not sure if high rollers will be very impressed about the maximum 50.00 bet.

Jokers, Scatters and Free Spins

Though the gameplay is extremely original, this doesn’t really count for the extra features as there is the Scatter and Joker (Wild), responsible for Free Spins, Scatter Wins and faster winning combinations.
It may have seem almost impossible to implement some of the regular features, but Netent pulled it off and provides you with a Wild, Scatters, Free Spins and Multipliers. At least this is how you would recognise them usually while playing Netent video slots, but nothing is what it is while playing Kings of Chicago, remember? Which simply means some features got a more original name as well, as Free Spins became Free Deals while the Wild has turned into a Joker.

Just as in any other video slot the Joker substitutes for any other symbol, including Scatters, in order to form a winning combination.
The designers at Netent also managed to piece in the Scatter, awarded randomly, so any card at any point can become Scatter. Three or more Scatters anywhere will trigger Free Deals up to a maximum amount of 30 Free Deals, another reason Kings of Chicago does deserve a nomination for most original video slot designed by Netent.