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Secrets of Atlantis™

Play Secrets of Atlantis for real!

If you live on a small island like I do, covering just over 316 km2, you once in a while have thoughts about a tsunami and what will happen to an island this small. Luckily, a thought like this occurs only once in a while. I think my island is as safe as can be in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. On the other hand, they probably said the same about Atlantis, the city Secrets of Atlantis™ is based on.

I can’t imagine that an entire island disappears in the sea, just like it never existed. But Plato believed there was an island and that it disappeared into the ocean in a night and a day in 9,600 B.C. Or maybe he imagined such an island and described it in one of his writings.

This particular island has been the inspiration source for another great NetEnt slot game which is telling the story of the legendary “lost” island Atlantis.

Secrets of Atlantis™ Facts

Type of GameVideo Slot
Min. bet£0.20
Max. bet£200
Bonus gameYes
Wild symbolsYes
Max. win1,600X
Secrets of Atlantis Facts

Plato’s Lost Island

As a writer, I have a vivid imagination, but I’m pretty sure mine doesn’t come close to that of Ancient Greek philosopher Plato. Plato was a smart man who founded the Academy in Athens, one of the first institutions of higher learning in the Western world.

His writings, including the dialogues “Timaeus” and “Critias”, explored justice, beauty and equality also containing discussions in aesthetics, political philosophy, theology, cosmology, epistemology and the philosophy of language.

As I said, Plato was a smart man and I can’t blame the historians for being fascinated by Plato’s creation called the lost island of Atlantis. Plato who lived from 424 to 328 B.C. mentions the island in the dialogues “Timaeus” and “Critias”. The character Critias describes the island larger than Libya, located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Some believe it was located in Northern Europe.

Wherever the island was located, this lost island has been a mystery and an object of fascination for thousands of years for many people. It might be the legend or the idea of a lost island like Atlantis that has been captivating historians, dreamers, occultists, and New Agers for many generations.

Peace or evil?

The legendary often idealizes the “lost” island of Atlantis as a powerful and advanced kingdom. It says it holds the wisdom we humans long for. Many believe Atlantis had the chance to bring world peace.

Sounds picture-perfect, but in fact, Plato’s Atlantis was way less idyllic than described. It was a morally bankrupt evil empire busy with an attempt for world domination by force.

According to Plato’s writings, it was Poseidon that was responsible for the protection of Atlantis. If his description was correct, I’m not surprised that Atlantis, eventually, could not escape its fate.

Just as a volcanic eruption around 1,600 B.C. destroyed the Greek island of Santorini, the ancient tale claims the same happened to Atlantis. Divine punishment resulted in destroying earthquakes and powerful floods that made Atlantis disappear into a muddy sea.

NetEnt slot reveals the best-kept underwater secret

No island in the world has so many secrets to hide as the lost island of Atlantis. If Atlantis indeed existed is probably the best-kept secret of them all. Plato was a smart philosopher, but its existence will be forever questioned without any proof.

This doesn’t mean that all those “Atlantis believers” out there can’t keep on dreaming about its existence. Meanwhile, a team of highly qualified software developers use their imagination to come up with another great video slot.

After all, it was Plato that learned the world that a good story starts with some good imagination. No problem for NetEnt’s dream team as it resulted in an aquatic game. The game gives you the opportunity to submerge yourself in the underwater world of Secrets of Atlantis™.

Inspired by the ancient tale of the city of Atlantis, you now have time to discover the secrets of the city. This while you enjoy your favourite online casino game.

Betting options

Secrets of Atlantis™ is one of the many NetEnt slots that differs from the standard slots. This is because of an extra row which results in a total of 20 symbols instead of 15. A total of 40 bet lines is responsible for your winnings.

With a minimum betting option of 0.20, this mysterious NetEnt slot is available to many types of players and high rollers will, for sure, appreciate a maximum bet of 200.00. It’s not the highest bet available in a NetEnt Casino, but the Secrets of Atlantis™ slot does offer a game with a higher than average bet.

Thanks to the 10 bet levels and seven different coin values you have lots of options. Basically, you can play the Secrets of Atlantis™ slot with almost any bet in between 0.20 and 200.00 and I’m sure you’ll find the perfect bet that fits your way of playing.

Secrets of Atlantis™ slot features

NetEnt doesn’t like secrets in general and decided it was time to reveal all secrets around the lost island of Atlantis. Get ready for a feature-packed video slot. These include a Highlight feature, Nudge Wilds, Colossal symbols Re-Spins of which the quality rises thanks to the Win Both Ways function available in the Secrets of Atlantis™ slot.

While you submerge yourself in the underwater world available in the Secrets of Atlantis™ slot, you surround yourself by familiar creatures such as crabs, turtles, jellyfish, clams and pearls.

NetEnt’s imagination comes to life in this dynamic video slot. The many slot features keep you captivated for quite a while. There will be a mysterious mermaid which has a very important role to play in this NetEnt slot.

Additionally, there’s the Both Way Wins function in which winning combinations will be available from the left to the right, as well as from the right to the left. More slot features you can’t miss out on are the Highlight feature and the Nudge Wild.

Nudge Wild

The Secrets of Atlantis™ slot is a game that offers you some of the best slot features with the mysterious mermaid as the Nudge Wild. Depending on how the reel lands, the Nudge Wild will be fully or partially visible.

If partially, it activates a nudge while the Mermaid budges up one spot. This results in her taking over the entire reel where she acts as a Wild. A Wild substitutes for any other symbol.

Colossal Nudge Wild

The same nudge activates when the very attractive Colossal Nudge Wild appears partially on the reels during a Colossal symbols Re-Spin. During a Colossal symbol Re-Spin, the three middle reels transform into one reel full with Colossal symbols.

If the reel with the Colossal symbols is fully highlighted, an additional Colossal symbols Re-Spin is activated. This act of generosity will be activated during your entire session if all three middle reels are highlighted.

As the one and only pioneer in the iGaming industry when it comes to digital casino solutions and iGaming software, NetEnt knows how to turn a video slot into a spectacle. Like no other, this software developer turns video slots into mobile games without any quality or speed being lost. That’s why I can also recommend Secret of Atlantis which can be found at any mobile platform offering the NetEnt Touch® Games.

Secrets of Atlantis™

The RTP of Secrets of Atlantis™ is 97.10%.
The minimum bet is €/£/$ 0.20 and the maximum is €/£/$ 200.00.
The maximum win on Secrets of Atlantis™ is 1,600 times your bet per spin. This can occur in the main game and with a respin.
Yes, Secrets of Atlantis™ offers a respin function when the highlighted area hits reels, 2,3 and 4 in full.
Secrets of Atlantis™ has a total of 40 winlines.
Yes, if you do not reside in a restricted country like the USA or UK.