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South Park Reel Chaos™ (EOL)

This game is End of Life but feel free to read about it here

If it wasn’t for his mom to tell Butters it is time to go to bed, you would think South Park is in big danger. Butters is telling South Park to get prepared for the super villain, his alter ego Professor Chaos. If he is as dangerous as he wants you to believe, you can only found out by playing the South Park Reel Chaos video slot, packed with extra features including a battle with Evil Minions, General Disarray, and Professor Chaos himself.Following the misadventures of four irreverent grade-schoolers in the quiet, dysfunctional town of South Park, Colorado, I don’t think South Park needs an introduction. Although not appreciated by everyone, the South Park series still attracts billions of viewers worldwide.

The animated series debuted in 1997, becoming famous for its crude language and dark and surreal humour that satirizes many different topics. The show is set in the Colorado town of South Park where weird things keep happening. For some reason the four friends Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick, are always involved. You could say South Park is the domain of the four mischievous friends, but now professor Chaos wants to take over what supposed to be their domain. You understand a national disaster is about to happen in the South Park Reel Chaos video slot and action is needed. For this reason the friends turn into superheroes, with only one goal, to get back what belongs to them, South Park!

South Park™ video slot

It was in September 2013 that Netent launched a video slot based on South Park, with all key characters having their own role to play, and just as charming as they are in the South Park series, they are as well in the South Park video slot. The South Park video slot was the first video slot ever based on the South Park series, and both, the series and the Netent video slot, were a success from the very beginning.

Fourth graders by day – superheroes by night! This time the South Park™ saga unfolds when the sun has set over the small town. With authentic sounds, voices and animations the South Park Reel Chaos video slot delivers a feature-packed game in true South Park™ style.

South Park Reel Chaos™ video slot

Ever since Kenny, Cartman, Stan and Kyle, the key characters from the series, made it to the online casinos in September 2013, they have been a hit. Many players, especially those who do not take things too serious, embraced the dark and surreal humour from the four friends, reason enough for Netent and South Park Digital Studios to join forces again. This led to another impressive video slot, this time named South Park Reel Chaos. Reel Chaos seems the best addition to South Park, simply because you can again expect chaos, a lot of chaos. Nobody else, other than the four friends can cause chaos like they do, this time as superheroes, fighting the Professor Chaos who wants to take over their crazy, but beloved town.

Epic video slot

Follow this justice league of nine year olds while playing the South Park Reel Chaos video slot. Funny animations, enriched by the authentic sounds of the South Park series, will reflect the familiar chaotic and dysfunctional town of South Park, this time ‘threatened’ by Evil Minions (read: evil hamsters), General Disarray, and Professor Chaos (Butters alter ego). I

t’s because of this the four friends come into action once again, this time as superheroes, protecting their dysfunctional, but beloved town South Park. Witness a spectacle between South Park’s most mischievous residents and Professor Chaos through 4 mini-features that will lead to the big showdown, Epic Bonus Spins.

Loaded with your favourite characters, epic bonus spins and 4 mini-games, South Park Reel Chaos™ is the ultimate South Park video slot experience!

Betting options

Another branded video slot designed by NetEnt can’t be missed by anyone, especially because the South Park reel Chaos™ video slot is designed for all type of players, except for those who like to play with extreme high bets. A bet can’t go any higher than 100.00, while some NetEnt video slots have a maximum bet of 250.00 like the Jack Hammer video slots for example.

With a minimum bet of 0.20, I’m sure many players at the Netent Casinos will feel comfortable playing South Park Reel Chaos™. Six coin values and 10 bet levels make sure you have a wide range of betting options to gradually increase your bet while playing another epic video slot designed by Netent.

Epic features

The South Park Reel Chaos™ video slot is bringing a 5-reel, 3-row, 20-line video slot packed with epic features including Stacked Wilds, Multipliers, Multiplying Re-Spins, and Overlay Wilds and Epic Bonus Spins. Follow Cartman on his hunt for General Disarray, Kenny wrestling Professor Chaos, Kyle blasting the Evil Minions and Stan when he… oh well….repairs the reels.

Wild Substitution
The Wild feature can be find in both, the main game and in all four mini-features. As always the regular Wild symbols substitute for all other symbols in the South Park Reel Chaos video slot, except for Bonus symbols, and pay the highest winning combination on a bet line.

Cartman’s Stacked Wilds
Another fun spectacle is being brought to you when Cartman finds out General Disarray taunts the city and, more importantly, Cartman himself. Action is needed when General Disarray appears on top of the reels during a spin. Those who know Cartman, won’t be surprised when some swearing is involved when he tries to catch General Disarray. During the haunt for the general, Cartman will leave you 2 or 3 Stacked Wilds, climbing up the reels. If he manages to catch General Disarray? There’s only one way to find out, but I’m sure he leaves you with some extra Wild substitutes.

Kenny’s Multiplier
All South Park characters have their own role to play in the South Park Reel Chaos video slot and Kenny has the honour to provide a Multiplier. Whenever Professor Chaos wreaks havoc, a masked Kenny will wrestle with his nemesis in order to save South Park Village. During the battle Kenny will award you with a x3, x4 or x5 Multiplier.

Stan’s Multiplying Re-Spin
Nothing worse than being close to a big win, just missing the boat. If a win in the South Park Reel Chaos video slot was not to be, help is on its way! Stan will use his mental command over all power tools to repair the reels, creating re-spins on all 5 reels. The chaotic reels will continue as long as needed, and until a bet line win occurs. For every re-spin awarded with the help of Stan, a progressive Multiplier will be awarded as well which can go up to x10. Repairing the reels doesn’t seem to be a superhero’s job, but I can promise that ‘Stan’s superpowers’ will be very welcome when you’re close to a win.

Kyle’s Overlay Wilds
Usually, on a normal day in South Park, the four friends are the ones bringing chaos, but it seems somebody took their place. In the South Park Reel Chaos video slot it is Professor Chaos who is bringing chaos. He will even unleash his Evil minions, not the fastest hamsters I’ve seen. Though he didn’t thought about Kyle yet, who will bring order by blasting the hamsters with his laser beams. As a result 3 to 5 Overlay Wilds will appear.

“Look what the cat dragged in!” (Professor Chaos)

Epic Bonus Spins

Prepare for the classic clash of the titans in South Park reel Chaos, with Mintberry Crunch, half man (read: boy) half berry, fighting all foes ‘threatening’ South Park. Again Professor Chaos released the Evil Minions, as well as he involves General Disarray into the battle. Quite a coward if you ask me, because he will appear on stage only, when his minions do not manage to defeat Mintberry Crunch. When the reel competition starts, Mintberry Crunch has a full health meter, while the health meter of his opponents can differ. For every win, Mintberry Crunch attacks with a decline in the enemy’s health meter as a result. Mintberry Crunch’s health meter will decrease when no win occurs on the reels which means the villain takes it chance to attack. When the enemy health meter is empty, a new enemy emerges as well as the health meter will be filled again. These arcade game inspired Epic Bonus Spins won’t end until either all villains, or Mintberry Crunch, have been defeated. For every defeated enemy a bet line Multiplier increases, giving up to 4 times the bet line win. If all villainous baddies are defeated a sweet Victory Bonus is rewarded.

See South Park’s famous friends like never before in the South Park Reel Chaos video slot. Loaded with your favourite characters and their alter egos, funny animations, exciting battles, the Epic Bonus Spins feature, and 4 mini-games, South Park Reel Chaos brings the ultimate South Park video slot experience.