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South Park™ (EOL)

This game is End of Life but feel free to read about it here

Kenny, Cartman, Kyle, and Stan, I don’t know if these four little friends need an introduction as they are four of the most popular characters I know and once you’ve read the short introduction of any of these characters, you know why they actually don’t need an introduction.

At least not when you’ve seen the most popular animated sitcoms in history, watched by millions of people worldwide. One of the main characters is Eric Cartman, my favourite as it is good to know

I’m not the only one blessed with a large portion of sarcasm, although cartman is also often called insensitive, racist, homophobic, lazy, self-righteous, obtrusive, manipulative, and uhm much more. You see, Eric isn’t the sweetest, but he is definitely the annoying, but funny, fat kid.

South Park™ Characters

Kenny McCormick has more lives than a cat, is recognised by the parka hood covering his mouth while he comes from a poor household, presided over by his violent, alcoholic and unemployed father.

Kyle Broflovski is one of the few Jewish children on the show, and because of this, he often feels like an outsider amongst the others. Kyle is definitely the sensitive one, being surrounded by his father Gerald, a lawyer, and his overprotective mother, often insulted by Cartman.

Stan Marsh is, unlike his friend Cartman, generally friendly, down-to-earth, knowledgeable, helpful, and laid back. Stan lives with his father Randy, a geologist, and mother Sharon who’s a secretary at a rhinoplasty clinic.Stan is often bullied and beaten by his older sister Shelley, and again he’s not an ordinary character.

South Park™ sitcom

And if you didn’t see the title yet, there’s a big chance you’ll know by now I’m talking about the main characters of South Park™, an adult animated sitcom that was first aired in August 1997. The sitcom was initially created for Comedy Central by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Intended for the mature watchers, the show has become famous for its crude language and dark, surreal humour.

This super sarcastic series is all about the four best friends as described before, living in and around the Colorado town, South Park.

However, NetEnt already had some great achievements with branded games in the past, as for example Frankenstein and Scarface, South Park™ is definitely a welcome addition.

Compared to other popular video slots like Gonzo’s Quest™ and Starburstv, South Park™ has a big advantage due to the fragments from the series itself. The South Park video slot would never become a success without the four best friends, all having their own role to play and of course the cooperation between NetEnt and South Park Studios.


If not familiar with the South Park™ series yet, I do see it as my responsibility to warn you for the main characters in the South Park™ video slot.

I personally love South Park, but first of all I recommend you not to take things to seriously while playing South Park™. Once you’ve opened the South Park video slot, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. It’s a fact the four friends, and all other characters taking part in the sitcom, are a bunch of goofy idiots having a strange kind of humor. I also have to warn you for stomach pains while playing South Park, just as your muscles could hurt a bit in the days after you’ve played this video slot.

Betting options

South Park is one of these quality Netent video slots appreciated by all type of players, due to a wide range of betting options starting at 0.25 as only all 25 bet can be activated. When all 10 bet levels and six coin values have been chosen, you’ll be playing with one of the highest total bets available at the Netent Casinos of 250.00.

South Park™ features

While Cartman and Kenny both have their own mini game, Kyle and Stan are responsible for Bonus Spins. Also, Terrance and Phillip have a role to play in the South Park™ video slot as they are literally farting trough the game, while Mr. Hankey is organising another mini feature for you.

I hardly ever seen so many extra features in just one Netent slot, and the mini features are hilarious. At least that’s what you think of them, just before you meet Eric or Kenny during one of the bonus games, making South Park™ the funniest video slots available.

Bonus games

There are two bonus games available, and both responsible for high winnings, just as a lot of stomach pains. Unless you are a hippy or very sensitive when it comes to dead, you will appreciate the bad jokes used for these bonus games. One of the two genius bonus games involves Cartman attacking the village hippies, who are definitely not safe when Cartman comes close holding a fire extinguisher.

Do I need to tell more about this genius bonus game and can you keep Cartman out of trouble? While you’ve tried your best to keep Cartman out of trouble, or not, Kenny just doesn’t know how to escape his final destiny, or does he finally find his way to escape from another painful dead? You can make sure he does, by guiding Kenny safely through the 3 different zones; the win, multiplier and dangerous zone.

Free Spins

Although the South Park bonus games deserve all the glory, Free Spins are very welcome too though. This time it’s Kyle and Stan responsible for the extra features. Kyle offers you 10 Bonus Spins, while during Stan’s Free Spins the famous Sticky Wild is involved.

And if the South Park characters, exclusively for this Netent game, have been extremely generous already, there are even more extra features within the extra features like Kick the Baby. If I didn’t manage to convince you, the characters definitely will once you start playing South Park, which is by the way also available as a Netent Touch® game.