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Spiñata Grande™

Play Spinata Grande for real!

Looking for a fun-filled game, perfect to lift up your mood while offering an original Mini-Slot feature too, the Spiñata Grande™ slot is definitely one to go for. You’ll end up celebrating a true Mexican party as never seen before in a NetEnt Casino. The Spiñata Grande™ slot will bring spinning piñatas, well-known as a typical Mexican tradition. Join the Mexican party and you’ll be entertained with festive slot features such as Colossal symbols, Free Spins, a Colossal Wild in Free Spins and an innovative Mini-Slot feature.

Mexican traditions

Mexico is an interesting country in South America with many traditions of which some have been used for the Spiñata Grande™ slot. No wonder, because Mexico is the 14th largest country in the world. And while there’s no food available joining NetEnt’s Mexican party, it would be for sure have been something like wheat tortillas, along with beans, rice, tomatoes, chili peppers and chorizo. Maybe some empanadas recognised by handheld pasty pockets containing savory or sweet fillings. If you like spicy foods like me, you will for sure love Mexican food, but all I can offer you with the Spiñata Grande™ slot are spinning piñatas. Besides typical Mexican food traditions, and Tequila, most of you will probably think of the embroidered cotton garments and wool shawls with angular designs, colourful baskets and rugs as often associated with Mexican folk art. No Mexican party without the Mariachi style of folk music, traditional music originated in the southern part of the state of Jalisco sometime in the 19th century. This typical kind of music involves a group of musicians wearing silver-studded charro suits and elaborate hats while playing violins, guitars, basses, vihuelas and trumpets. If not ringing any bells yet, I might get them ringing when mentioning “La Cucaracha” as a well-known Mariachi staple.


The name of this fun-filled video slot, Spiñata Grande™ has been based on the piñata, another traditional Mexican tradition although some stories tell they are originated in Italy. The most popular story is that the piñata was invented by the Chinese to celebrate New Year, but in this case I rather believe they were indeed invented by native Mexicans. Wherever they come from they often involve figures of cows, oxen or a buffalo covered with coloured paper and filled with confetti and sweets. The most traditional piñata is the star with seven points of which each cone represents the seven deadly sins: gluttony, greed, sloth, envy, wrath, pride and lust.

Mexican party

Join a traditional Mexican party in a NetEnt Casino by playing the Spiñata Grande™ slot and you will find out more about some of the above traditions. There are no tortillas nor tortillas involved, but I’m sure you will enjoy the happy Mariachi music while the piñatas are a perfect addition too, especially when used for some very original and festive slot features.

Betting options

Before the Mexican party is started, I recommend you to choose a bet that perfectly fits your way of playing. No matter if you rather play with small bets or higher bets, with a minimum bet of €0.20 and a maximum bet of €200 there will always be a bet that will do the job. In between these you can vary endlessly thanks to the 10 levels to play with and the seven different coin values to choose from. The amount of bet lines is fixed, but higher than average with 40 bet lines walking over the reels in the Spiñata Grande™ slot.

Spiñata Grande™ slot design

Playing this cheerful NetEnt slot there’s a lot going on and the Mexican party starts with the very first spin. The happy Mariachi music starts playing while the piñatas start spinning and any possible grumpiness will be taken away. Besides a colourful design, packed with colourful piñatas, the Spiñata Grande™ slot also offers a wide range of slots features including Colossal symbols, a Mini-Slot feature and Colossal Wild in Free Spins.

Spiñata Grande™ slot features

Never seen before in a video slot, every symbol has a regular symbol and a colossal version that is either 2×2 or 3×3 symbols big. Especially during Free Spins the Colossal Wild will rumble the reels bringing some extra joy to the Mexican party. Whenever the Colossal Bonus symbol appears on the reels completely, this giant symbol will turn into a Mini-Slot offering coins wins and chances of Free Spins. The moment the Mini-Slot feature is activated you’ll be entertained with the typical piñata Mexican tradition as described before.

Colossal Symbols

One of the main slots features in the Spiñata Grande™ slot is the Colossal symbol, a symbol much larger than the regular symbols as often seen in the NetEnt slots. While a Stacked Wild can be taking over an entire reel, the largest Colossal symbol in the Spiñata Grande™ slot can be as big as 3×3 symbols while a smaller Colossal symbol is 2×2 symbols. This particular slot symbol appears as an overlay anywhere on the reels and spins separately on top of the reels. Even if only a part of the Colossal 3×3 symbol appears the Mini-Slot feature will be activated.

Colossal Symbols in Free Spins

Nowadays there’s hardly ever a video slot developed by NetEnt that doesn’t involve a Free Spins mode and this also goes for the Spiñata Grande™ slot. It will be during Free Spins the only Colossal symbols are the Colossal Bonus symbol, a 3×3 version of the Animal Spiñatas symbols. This simply means no letter symbols will be available during symbols. The Colossal Wild symbol will only appear during Free Spins and involves a symbol block of 3×3 symbols appearing on the 3 middle reels.

Mini-Slot Feature

Without a doubt NetEnt is the most innovative software developer in iGaming, the reason you can always expect another innovative slot feature when a new NetEnt slot is launched. Also the Spiñata Grande™ slot offers one as it id for the first time a Mini-Slot feature is implemented. The part of the Colossal Bonus symbol that appears on the reels after a spin turns into 3, 6 or individual Mini-Slot symbols. In the main game, the Mini-Slot feature will contain several different symbols such as Scatters, Free Spins symbols, Extra Spin symbols, and three different coin symbols. The Mini-Slot symbols will spin once not leaving you without a nice win.

Free spins

Free Spins will be activated when 3 or more Free Spins symbols appear anywhere in the Mini-Slot feature. If so 5 Free Spins will be activated bringing a lot of action to the reels and for every Free Spins symbol in Free Spins another Free Spins is awarded. The Colossal Wild is a symbol block of 3×3 symbols and can appear in Free Spins only on the 3 middle reels. Wild symbols substitute for all symbols except for Bonus symbols.

Mexican celebrations

Spiñata Grande™ brings a smashing fiesta with candy, confetti and colossal fun, so take this rich treat for a spin and you might end up enjoying Mexican celebrations over and over again thanks to the festive slot features. The 3D rendered symbols contain great detail and character with a ‘colossal’ impact while enjoying high quality graphics and sounds as the Mexican win celebrations are enhanced by fun animations and happy mariachi music putting you in a state of glee!

Spiñata Grande™ FAQ

What is the RTP (Return to Player) of Spiñata Grande™?

The RTP of Spiñata Grande™ is 96.80%

What is the minimum and maximum bet on Spiñata Grande™?

The minimum bet is €/£/$ 0.20 and the maximum is €/£/$ 200.00.

How does one win the maximum win on Spiñata Grande™?

The maximum win on Spiñata Grande™ is 600 times your bet per spin. This can occur multiple times in the free spins feature.

Does Spiñata Grande™ slot offer a special bonus game?

Yes, Spiñata Grande™ offers free spins when you get three or more Free Spins symbols in the Colossal Bonus symbol.

How many winlines does Spiñata Grande™ have?

Spiñata Grande™ has a total of 40 winlines.

Can I play Spiñata Grande™ for free?

Yes, if you do not reside in a restricted country like the USA or UK.