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The Phantom’s Curse™

Play The Phantom’s Curse for real!

Monsters! We’ve all had them under our bed when at a young age, right? Or, at least, we’ve had a fear of having them under our bed. We must admit all of us had some sort of love-hate relationship with monsters. We rather kept them out of our dreams, but meanwhile, we watched cartoons and movies with monsters in the spotlights. Monsters are exciting in a way and even though they can give us nightmares, we refuse to avoid them.

When at an older age, me and my friends, we had the brilliant idea to watch the entire A Nightmare on Elm Street film series, dealing with another type of monster called Freddy Krueger! One, two, Freddy comes for you! No matter what age you are, monsters will always be there to entertain us, or to simply scare the hell out of us!

When a company has sent over 125 video slots into the world, there must be a few monster-themed video slots involved. Especially when that company is called NetEnt, the developer of I don’t know how many branded slot games including an entire series of Universal Monsters™ slots.

Before the Universal Monsters The Phantom’s Curse™ slot was added to the Universal Monsters™ slots series in January 2018, NetEnt launched another four of them already. This simply means that five out of the 125 NetEnt slots involved a Universal Picture. It’s just one of the many reasons a NetEnt Casino is the way to go! There’s only one supplier in the entire industry who had the honour to build an impressive five video slots in cooperation with Universal Studios resulting in Dracula™, Frankenstein™, Creatures of the Black Lagoon™, and The Invisible Man™, and Universal Monsters The Phantom’s Curse™.

Other video slots that match the monster theme available at the NetEnt Casinos are Zombies™, Aliens™, Blood Suckers™, Crusade of Fortune™, Devil’s Delight™, Wish Masters™. More than 10 out of the 125+ NetEnt slots concern either a Universal Picture, a horror theme or a monster theme, the proof we don’t do much to keep the monsters out of our lives, having a pure love-hate relationship with them.

The Phantom of the Opera

If it wasn’t for the Universal Monsters The Phantom’s Curse™ slot, I probably wouldn’t know much about the story. Unless you’ve seen the film, musical or read the novel from 1910, you probably have no clue who the main characters really are. You probably know the main character, famous for its enigmatic masked presence, was he really a ghost and what was he doing in the opera?

The above information is most probably provided by Andrew Lloyd Webber’s successful musical from 1986, but The Phantom of the Opera’s history goes way further back to 1909, the year a serialisation was published in Le Gaulois written by the French writer Gaston Leroux. This is when the Phantom of the Opera for the first time gained fame, but his fame continued to grow when Leroux’s story was published as a novel, Le Fantôme de l’Opéra, in 1910.

A copy of the novel was handed over by Leroux to the founder of Universal Pictures, Carl Laemmle, who took a vacation to Paris in 1922 where he met the French writer. The story goes that Laemmle read the book in just one night after which he bought the film rights at the first opportunity.

The horror classic, premiered in October 1925 in Hollywood and based on the novel Le Fantôme de l’Opéra, tells the classic story of the young opera singer Christine Daaé who discovers she has a mysterious admirer having the intention to help her become a lead performer.

The story…

Partly inspired by historical events at the Paris Opera, Palais Garnier, the story takes place in the 1890’s in Paris and the Palais Garnier which is believed to be haunted. Christine Daaé, a young Swedish soprano seemed to be the only one able to see The Phantom, assuming “the Angel of Music,” was sent by her deceased father. The Phantom has been tutoring Christine in order to become the lead performance at the opera. When things don’t go his way and his request for Christine to play the lead role in an upcoming play was denied, The Phantom abducts Christine from her dressing room. He then reveals himself as Erik, her tutor. Unmasking The Phantom, revealing the Phantom’s hideously deformed face, Christine manages to make him change his plans. Instead of keeping her in his lair with him for a few days, he plans to keep her with him forever, fearing she will leave him otherwise.

Eventually, he agrees on releasing her on the condition she will wear his ring and be faithful to him. Planning to leave the opera with Raoul, her childhood playmate, hiding for The Phantom, Erik becomes enraged and jealous. Again he abducts Christine, this time forcing her to marry him. An attempt of Raoul to save Christine ends up in him being caught by The Phantom. Christine has no other option than to marry The Phantom. In a moment with Christine, he raises his mask to kiss her on the forehead, the moment he breaks as it’s the closest he’s ever been to a woman, not even his mother. Tears from both mingle with The Phantom being ready to let her go. Not long after, The Phantom dies “of love” after which Christine returns, as promised, to bury him and return the ring.

Design Phantom of the Opera™ slot

Designed in the style of Dracula™ and The Invisible Man™, it’s obvious that the Universal Monsters The Phantom’s Curse™ slot is part of the Universal Monsters™ slot series developed by NetEnt.

Bringing the best of the classic 1925 Universal Picture to the reels, the classic tale can be found in every aspect of the game. The opera is pictured as the game’s stage and the main characters can be found on the reels accompanied by the famous white mask, the mirror, the ring, a knife, roses, play card symbols while the chandelier has the role of Scatter to play.

The Universal Monsters The Phantom’s Curse™ slot will make you feel part of the classic story, enjoying some truly exciting graphics and slot features. No Universal Monsters™ slot without some originally designed characters from the film and again NetEnt did a fantastic job with Erik and Christine.

Parts of the very well-known love story will be revealed during your session on the Universal Monsters The Phantom’s Curse™ slot. Along with their journey, you might uncover different slot features and rewards including Wild Substitutions, Scatter symbols, 3 Bonus Symbols that also act as Wilds, Free Spins, a Pick and Click Bonus game, and Sticky Wild Re-spins while a Both Way Win function is available in the Universal Monsters The Phantom’s Curse™ slot as well.

Betting Options

Universal Monsters The Phantom’s Curse™ is offering 4 reels instead of the standard 3 which makes this game less standard. This doesn’t go for the betting options, though, as they are pretty standard with bets available starting from 0.20 and going up to 200.00. In between these two amounts, you’ll have a wide range of options available. There are endless combinations possible with the 10 bet levels and seven coin values available.

The Universal Monsters The Phantom’s Curse™ slot features

With a wide range of slot features added to Universal Monsters The Phantom’s Curse™, there’s no doubt you’re going to have the best slot experience possible. The enthralling opera background music will definitely add to the excitement and so is the breath-taking intro showed just before the fun is about to start.

As soon as the Phantom’s introduction finishes, the game starts showing a 5×4 grid instead of the usual 5×3 grid resulting in an impressive 40 win lines that will pay both ways increasing the chance of bigger wins.

You will be spellbound with this love story where the Phantom falls for Christine. Along with their journey, you might uncover different features and rewards in the form of Masked Phantom Re-spins, Free Spins or the Pick and Click Bonus Game.

I think you’ll agree with me that three Scatters on the reels is what you’ll be looking after while playing the Universal Monsters The Phantom’s Curse™ slot as this will unlock an exciting free spins feature. During the intro, the Phantom will show his true colours while you’ll be treated a mysterious number of free spins.

The action starts directly with the first free spin activated and I’m sure that the three ropes won’t stay unnoticed. It will take a few spins to reveal what these ropes are all about. As soon as a single Masked Phantom symbols lands on the reel, a section of the rope is cut.

Meanwhile, the Masked Phantom symbol acts as a Wild symbol as well and as long as one or more ropes are intact, the total number of free spins will climb up. When all five ropes next to the reels are cut, the chandelier falls and Free Spins end.

During the main game, the Masked Phantom Re-spin is triggered when a Stacked Phantom symbol lands on reel 1 and a Stacked Mask symbol on reel 5. All Bonus Symbols, Mask symbols and Phantom symbols visible during the spin will be sticky to the reels during the Masked Phantom Re-spin.

Roses are red, violets are blue, and big winnings might come directly to you… at least when you manage to pick the right roses during the Pick and Click Bonus game triggered when the Phantom appears on the utter left reel and Christine on the utter right reel.

The Phantom’s Curse™ FAQ

The RTP of The Phantom’s Curse™ is 96.57%
The minimum bet is €/£/$ 0.20 and the maximum is €/£/$ 200.00.
The maximum win on The Phantom’s Curse™ is 800 times your bet per spin. This can occur multiple times in the free spins feature.
Yes, The Phantom’s Curse™ offers free spins when you get three Scatter symbols.
The Phantom’s Curse™ has a total of 40 winlines.
Yes, if you do not reside in a restricted country like the USA or UK.