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Trollpot 5000™

Play Trollpot 5000 for real!

Halfway June 2020, the players got access to the Trollpot 5000™ slot, a classic slot machine in a modern coat. At the time, only a few classic slots were available. Jackpot 6000™, Swipe and Roll™, Grand Spinn™, and Mega Joker™.

Mega Joker™ used to be the only classic slot with a progressive jackpot. At least, until NetEnt launched the Trollpot 5000™ slot with three NetEnt Jackpots.

Even with only a few slot features, there’s a lot to love about Trollpot 5000™! 

Trollpot 5000™ Facts

Type of GameVideo Slot
Min. bet£0.02
Max. bet£70
Bonus gameYes
Wild symbolsYes
Max. winJackpot, 10,000X
Trollpot 5000 Facts

Is Trollpot 5000™ a classic slot?

Yes, Trollpot 5000™ is a typical classic slot with its three reels and one win line. This classic slot offers a traditional, yet modern design. You have the chance to enjoy the traditional Nudge feature while Wild Multipliers are available as well.
Video slots came a long way, but you just can’t beat the classic slot feel. Lots of NetEnt slots try to offer something ground-breaking, but Trollpot 5000™ just gives you that good-old classic slot feel from the golden days!

The future of Trollpot 5000™ is bright as classic slots, or fruit machines, will never lose in popularity. The good old one-armed bandit with its one win line will always remain a favourite at the NetEnt Casinos.

Trollpot 5000 slot main game
Trollpot 5000™ design

Trollpot 5000™ brings a modern design

Classic slots are all about fruit symbols right? Yes, and no! Yes, fruits are often used in classic slots. No because the very first slot machines didn’t all involve fruit symbols. And the Trollpot 5000™ slot doesn’t involve fruit symbols either. Instead, we do find other classic symbols on the reels.

There’s the BAR symbol, the seven, the clover, a star, and that jolly joker. I also see an unidentified character, a gold one. But I have to admit I have no clue how to explain this symbol. All I know, is that all symbols are covered in a modern coat. Therefore, this classic slot has a modern look and feel.

The classic part is also to be found in the gameplay, with three reels and three rows available. There’s one win line available and that’s as classic as can be.

What to expect from the high-volatility?

I’m sure experienced players will love the fact this is a high-volatility slot. The reason why is simple. A high volatile slot offers high wins. Then why don’t we all opt for it? Simply, because you have to chose between high wins and fewer winning possibilities or frequent wins paying out less.

If you have enough balance and the patience, a high volatility slot might be perfect for you. Unless, you play with a low bet, this type of video slots isn’t recommended. Small players fit a low to medium volatility as you’ll receive frequent wins. But it’s more of a guideline, not necessarily a must.

The maximum payout in the main game is 10,000 x your bet and that’s is higher than average. But yet again, it often requires patience. The Multiplier Wilds do enhance higher wins, though. So are the traditional nudges as often used in classic slots.

Trollpot 5000 slot Mega Jackpot win
three jackpot symbols

TrollPot 5000™ Jackpots

High volatility or not, experienced player or not, there’s one aspect that always sounds like music to the ears. A jackpot! Even better, three jackpots. That’s exactly what makes Trollpot 5000™ so attractive compared to other classic slots.

Mega Joker™ will always be popular. Because of it’s 99% Return to Player and because of it’s progressive jackpot. So why would you go for Trollpot 5000™?

Well, it’s hard to defend Trollpot 5000™ with an RTP of 96.19%. After all, it’s a high volatility slot as well. But there’s one big difference between the two classic slots. Trollpot 5000™ is offering three jackpots instead of one and that might do the job.

I have doubts, though, and I’ll tell you why. Trollpot 5000™ offers three jackpots yes, but two of them are fixed. This results in both games offering one progressive jackpot. But there are attractive Multipliers involved in the fixed jackpots and that makes this classic slot more attractive again.

The three Trollpot 5000™ Jackpots:

  • Mini Jackpot = your bet multiplied by x40
  • Midi Jackpot = your bet multiplied by x200
  • Mega Jackpot = according to the progressive Mega Jackpot meter

How to win the Mega Jackpot

You’re going to look out for jackpot symbols which appear anywhere on the reels during a spin. But they can also appear on top of a winning stack after a Nudge. There are three jackpot symbols. The Mini, the Midi and the Mega!

It’s simple. If three jackpot symbols appear on only win line available, you win one of the jackpots, depending on the jackpot symbols. But there’s another way.

If each reel has a Jackpot symbol on top of a winning stack after a series of Nudges, you also win a jackpot.

The dream scenario here is to land 3 Mega Jackpot symbols which will pay the Mega Jackpot.

However, a mix of different jackpot symbol will also pay you a jackpot. But it’s obvious that this won’t be the highest paying jackpot. If you land 2 Mega Jackpot symbols and 1 Mini-jackpot symbol, you win the Mini-jackpot.

Betting options

While a classic slot, the betting options look more like the bets involved in a video slot. The minimum bet, for example, doesn’t start lower than €0.20. That’s higher than average when it comes to the modern slots. Also, the maximum bet is higher than usual with €1,000. It’s the highest maximum bet available in a NetEnt slot so far.

TrollPot 5000™ slot features

It’s unlikely for a classic slot to have a lot of video slot features. Trollpot 5000™ is no exception to that rule and all the game offers is a Nudge feature and Multiplier Wilds.

Nudge feature

The main feature in the Trollpot 5000™ slot is the Nudge feature. A winning combination activates the Nudge feature. It then simply creates a new winning chance with one or more pushes.

One or more reels receive a nudge that pushes the reel up or down. This tiny simple nudge can result in a win after all or in an extra win.

After the win count up, if the top symbol on the first reel is the same as the winning symbol, the first reel moves one symbol down and the win is awarded again. This process will repeat for the second reel, and eventually the third reel.

When the reel stops nudging, don’t think it’s over yet. Trollpot 5000™ slot doesn’t seem to get enough of the nudges so there might be an up arrow symbol at the top of the reel. If so, the reel moves to the bottom or top again for the entire nudging process to be repeated.

Trollpot 5000™
Multiplier Wilds screenhot

Multiplier Wilds

The above image shows the Joker on the left reel. This is the Multiplier Wild which combines perfectly with the Nudge feature. Multiplier Wild symbols appear on all reels for your wins to be multiplied by x2, x4 or x8.

One Multiplier Wild on a winning bet line multiplies the win by 2, two Multiplier Wilds multiply the win by 4 and three Multiplier Wilds multiply the win by 8.

Trollpot 5000™ FAQ

The RTP of Trollpot 5000™ is 96.19%.
The minimum bet is €/£/$ 0.02 and the maximum is €/£/$ 70.00.
No, Trollpot 5000™ offers no bonus game.
Trollpot 5000™ is a high volatility slot.
The Trollpot 5000™ slot has one payline.
In Trollpot 5000™, the Mini, Midi and Mega Jackpots are good for 40, 200 or 10,000 x your bet respectively.
Yes, the majority of the NetEnt Casinos allow you to play for free, unless you live in a restricted country.